USH kickoff Apr 22-23: JFK part 2

Transfer the notes from your handout to today’s kickoff.  Copy/paste these questions and bold your answers:

7.  Garrison and his team meet at a New Orleans restaurant to discuss what they’ve learned.  What new details have they learned about Lee Harvey Oswald?

9.  Garrison continues to interview witnesses who were in Dealey Plaza.    What did they see/hear?

10.  Garrison and his team meet at his house to discuss the case.  What new information have they found?

150+ total words.  Add a relevant photo


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USH kickoff Apr 17-21: JFK part 1

oswald booking photoFor this kickoff, please transfer your notes on your JFK handout to this blog post.   As always, please bold your answers. <copy and paste these questions to a new post>

1. The film opens with President Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation.  What warning does he give the American public?

2.  Fill out the timeline.

November 1960 – Kennedy is elected…     /     April 1961 – the Bay of Pigs invasion….    /     October 1962 – the Cuban Missile crisis….      /     June 1963 – the American University speech….

3.  (Three years later) – what does Senator Russell Long tell Jim Garrison on the plane that makes Garrison want to look into the Kennedy assassination again?

4.  What did Lee Bowers testify that he saw in the train yard and around the picket fence on the day of the assassination?

5.  What theories does Garrison have about Oswald’s time in New Orleans?

  1. What new details does Garrison learn about the following people from his interviews of Jack Andrews, Dean Martin and Willie O’Keefe?

David Ferrie                                  Guy Banister                         Clay Bertand (Shaw)                     Lee Harvey Oswald

Include a relevant photo


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JFK – USH kickoff Apr 15-16

Q1 – Ask two adults in your life (family member, relative, teacher, etc.) what they think of the Kennedy assassination.   Share those two opinions in this blog post.

150+ words and a relevant photo.


Spartacus Educ has a comprehensive and balanced site which covers many facets of the investigation.

Criticism of the “JFK” film:  This website, by a professor at Marquette University, is a large collection of work on the assassination – including this page which criticizes many scenes in the film.

One researcher’s computer simulation of his “single bullet theory” (0:00-5:27 of the video)


For further reading on the topic:
“Oswald was the lone gunman” theory:
— Case Closed  by Gerald Posner (1993)
Reclaiming History:  The Assassination of John F. Kennedy by Vincent Bugliosi (2007)

“CIA/Military-Industrial Complex” theory:
— On the Trail of the Assassins       by Jim Garrison (1988)
Crossfire:  The Plot That Killed Kennedy       by Jim Marrs (1989)
-or –


We will not do this question until AFTER the movie.

Q2 – Which theory of the assassination do you believe?
a. Oswald was a pro-Soviet Communist who acted alone.

b. Oswald was a part of a small group of military intelligence personnel who wanted revenge on  Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

c.  Oswald was part of the intelligence group but was the “patsy” who realized after the assassination that he had been set up to take the blame.

d.  there was a far-reaching conspiracy that included the Dallas Police, the Secret Service, the FBI, the CIA and the military-industrial complex that killed Kennedy because he wanted to withdraw the U.S. military from Southeast Asia.

e.  something else… come up with your own theory.

Explain what you believe and why.

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USH kickoff April 11-14: Poster Project Info

For today’s kickoff, I would like you to start gathering information, and two photos, for your Poster Project topic.    Start a new post and include 150+ words of notes and 2 photos for your topic.    If you forgot what topic you have, click here to see the list.

2014 Q4 Poster Project rubric

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Poster Project – names/topics

To find your name quickly, press CTRL+F and type in part of your name.

Blanchard, Ada / RJ JFK assassination p1
Brown, Darrien / Jon L. the Freedom Riders p1
Cancho, Angelica the Election of 1960 p1
Cuahonte, Taylor John F. Kennedy p1
Davidson, Trey the Bay of Pigs p1
Defoi, Anthony the Space Race p1
Dominick, Jake the Cuban Missile Crisis p1
Hearron, Destini Fidel Castro p1
Josaphat, Jessy / Luciano Cesar Chavez p1
Lacko, McKenzy the Beat Movement p1
Lane, Daja the Little Rock Nine p1
Love, Azariah / Azael Rosa Parks p1
Mauricette, Wil Francis Gary Powers (U2) p1
Monroe, Tim the Interstate Highways p1
Nguyen, Anna violence in Birmingham p1
Oquinn, Morgan Malcolm X p1
Rambone, Nick the Peace Corps p1
Reeves, Shawn Voting Rights Act of 65 p1
Serrano, Anjelica Martin Luther King p1
Whitehead, Anna the Baby Boom p1
zzz p1
Alderman, Troy Voting Rights Act of 65 p2
Allender, Andrew Nikita Khrushchev p2
Avirett, Kayla the Election of 1960 p2
Cairns, Jeremy Rosa Parks p2
Colon, Juan Fidel Castro p2
Curry, Ladarius Brown vs Board of Educ p2
Emans, Tiffanie violence in Birmingham p2
Freeman, Zay James Meredith p2
Gaskin, Jumar Malcolm X p2
Holland, Spencer the Bay of Pigs p2
Jecrois, Michella Harry Truman p2
Koon, Lindsey the Baby Boom p2
Leuty, Megan the Beat Movement p2
Marsh, Kailey the Freedom Riders p2
McKinnon, Alyssa Dr. Jonas Salk p2
Metz, Christian the Cuban Missile Crisis p2
Nixon, Aja the Little Rock Nine p2
Phillips, Joey the Interstate Highways p2
Raymer, Noah John F. Kennedy p2
Singletary, Alex the Space Race p2
Tolksdorf, Sydney the Peace Corps p2
Vrinios, Sam Martin Luther King p2
Wheeler, Bobby Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) p2
Zobel, Jackie JFK assassination p2
zzz p2
Allen, Lenya MLK assassination p3
Brice, Ebony Harry Truman p3
Chan, Mallory Voting Rights Act of 65 p3
Cruz, Carlos Cesar Chavez p3
Dudevoire, Phil JFK assassination p3
Grimes, Dylan Freedom Riders p3
Harrison, Will the Bay of Pigs p3
Howe, Nicole p3
Johnson, DeMarcus Fidel Castro p3
Johnson, Killam the Peace Corps p3
Kelly, Matt the Beat Movement p3
Lenhoff, Abbie Norman Rockwell p3
Lucas, Cindy the Baby Boom p3
Matelau, Lisi Malcolm X p3
Mojica, Miguel the Interstate Highways p3
Morales, Jessica Brown vs Board of Educ p3
Moreno, William Dr. Jonas Salk p3
Nutting, Ryan Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) p3
Palmieri, Thomas the Cuban Missile Crisis p3
Robertson, Jake the Space Race p3
Roemer, Hannah James Meredith p3
Servia, Alex Rosa Parks p3
Smith, Cody violence in Birmingham p3
Tsantles, Lexi MLK assassination p3
Wakeland, Corey the Little Rock Nine p3
zzz p3
Acevedo, Kevin Harry Truman p4
Bernius, Kayla the Little Rock Nine p4
Bowie, Dakota the Cuban Missile Crisis p4
Calloway, Vanessa John F. Kennedy p4
Carder, Justin Dwight D. Eisenhower p4
Edwards, Katlyn Dr. Jonas Salk p4
Esquivel, Martin the Baby Boom p4
Evans, Amyia JFK assassination p4
Gagne, Nick the Election of 1960 p4
Hawkinberry, Hunter the Beat Movement p4
Henderson, Antonio the Civil Rights Act of 1964 p4
Hooker, Jack the Interstate Highways p4
Iavarone, Cody Norman Rockwell p4
Kelly, Dylan the Bay of Pigs p4
Kinder, Tae Voting Rights Act of 65 p4
Langston, Quan the Peace Corps p4
Moore, Jessica Freedom Riders p4
Newbold, Janessa violence in Birmingham p4
Palmer, Kemoya Fidel Castro p4
Paquin, Lucas the Bay of Pigs p4
Roblero, Cesia Rosa Parks p4
Sosa, Rosa Cesar Chavez p4
Stern, Trey the Space Race p4
Stryczny, Sage James Meredith p4
Thompson, Areana Malcolm X p4
zzz p4
Cannon, Colton Martin Luther King p6
Clark, Jamir the Baby Boom p6
Connors, Teresa John F. Kennedy p6
Franca, Louise Malcolm X p6
Huapilla, Javier the Interstate Highways p6
Hyman, Chantay the Little Rock Nine p6
Lloyd, Randon Francis Gary Powers (U2) p6
Martinez, Jasmin Dr. Jonas Salk p6
Mateo, Daniel Fidel Castro p6
Mayes, Delvon James Meredith p6
Melicia, Melanie Harry Truman p6
Pavon, Nicholas the Space Race p6
Paz, Brian the Cuban Missile Crisis p6
Perez, Alyssa Rosa Parks p6
Petival, Nick Nikita Khrushchev p6
Powell, Malik Dwight D. Eisenhower p6
Reyna, Jasmine Cesar Chavez p6
Rook, Eric violence in Birmingham p6
Salas, Maressa the Freedom Riders p6
Schmidt, Josh the Peace Corps p6
Serafino, Jenny the Beat Movement p6
Shuck, Garon the Election of 1960 p6
Stephens, Victoria JFK assassination p6
T, Hannahjane Norman Rockwell p6
zzz p6
Augustin, Barbie the Freedom Riders p7
Borja, Jesus the Peace Corps p7
Camargo, Leo MLK assassination p7
Cotto, Migdaliz Cesar Chavez p7
Dillon, Erika John F. Kennedy p7
Falwell, Racail violence in Birmingham p7
Ferguson, Nick Malcolm X p7
Fleischman, Megan the Beat Movement p7
Hamby, Shelby Nikita Khrushchev p7
Knight, Max Norman Rockwell p7
Mardones, Monica the Interstate Highways p7
Mata, Antonio Francis Gary Powers (U2) p7
Mello, Nick Dwight D. Eisenhower p7
Obrien, Jazmine Rosa Parks p7
Penambere, Brian the Cuban Missile Crisis p7
Pierre, Gimetrius James Meredith p7
Presswood, Josey JFK assassination p7
Ramirez, Josh the Baby Boom p7
Reaves, Xay Brown vs Board of Educ p7
Roach, Michael the Space Race p7
Rodriguez, Yoshi the Little Rock Nine p7
Smith, Kysine Martin Luther King p7
Smotryski, Nate the Bay of Pigs p7
Tuttle, Tyler Fidel Castro p7
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USH Kickoff April 9-10: the Early 60s

Pres. Eisenhower's farewell address to the American people.

Eisenhower’s farewell address to the American people.

For today’s kickoff, use The Americans, Chap 20.1 OR the new book (index).   <copy/paste the questions to a new post and bold your answers.>

1.  The Election of 1960:  Who were the candidates and what was the result of the election?

2.  Eisenhower’s Warning:   What danger did Eisenhower try to warn the American people about during his farewell address to the nation?

3.  The Cuban Dilemma: what was it?

4.  1961:  The Bay of Pigs – What was the plan and what was the result?

5.  1962:  The Cuban Missile Crisis – List three facts about the incident.

150+ words. Include a relevant photo.


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USH kickoff April 7-8: Malcolm X part 2

malcolm gun windowThis part of the movie covers Malcolm’s career as a minister with the Nation of Islam and the rift with Elijah Muhammad that cost him his life.  After we finish the movie, copy/paste these questions to a new blog post. Please bold your answers.  (These are the same questions from your handout.)

4.  After he is released from prison, Malcolm X becomes a preacher in the Nation of Islam.   What do you learn about this time of his life?

5.  Why do tensions develop between Malcolm X and leaders of the Nation of Islam – especially Elijah Muhammad?

6.  How does Malcolm X change after his pilgrimage to Mecca?

7.  Describe what happened on the day Malcolm X was murdered.

*extra credit – Describe two scenes (from the previous parts of the movie) that you found most memorable?

200+ total words.  Include a relevant photo.


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USH kickoff April 3-4: Malcolm X part 1


Malcolm Little – Omaha, NE

This part of the movie covers Malcolm’s early life and his conversion to Islam in prison.   After we finish this section of the movie, copy/paste these questions to a new blog post. Please bold your answers.  (These are the same questions from your handout.)

1.  What do you learn about Malcolm’s childhood (and family life) in the early parts of the movie?

2.   What do you learn about Malcolm’s life as a criminal in Boston and New York?

3.   What do you learn about Malcolm’s life in prison?

150+ total words.  Include a relevant photo.


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USH Kickoff April 1-2: the CIA in Iran

Mohammed Mossadegh – elected by the Iranian people. Overthrown by a CIA-led coup.

Today’s kickoff is about the CIA supporting the overthrow of the governments of Iran and Guatamala in the name of protecting the national security of the United States.

Go to this link.  You will complete the “cloze exercise” and fill in the blanks using the OLD book, 18.4 – look for “Covert Actions in the Middle East and Latin America”

When you finish, you will copy/paste your finished paragraph into a new blog post.  No picture is required.

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Petition for Hugo Arellano (the State DMV responds)

I received this response to our petition asking for change following the tragic accident involving Manatee High student, Hugo Arellano.

Dear Mr. Kennedy:

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shares your concern and does have a process for reporting unsafe drivers.  Reports are routinely received from courts, doctors, law enforcement agencies, accident reports, family members, concerned citizens, and driver license personnel, about drivers with conditions that can affect safe driving.  Any time we receive such a report from a concerned person or agency, the department is authorized by Florida law to request medical reports for review by the Medical Advisory Board.  The Board takes into consideration all available facts including the driver’s medical history, driving record and any recent crash-related incidents to determine if it is safe for the individual to drive.  Based on this information, the department is able to take action to deny or approve the driving privilege.  If appropriate, drivers are required to pass a driving test as a condition of approval.  More information on reporting unsafe drivers can be accessed through our website at

While age alone does not determine a person’s ability to drive safely, older drivers often suffer debilitating conditions that over time can place them in an at-risk status.  As Florida’s senior population grows, it’s citizens are becoming more aware of and concerned with the effects of age on driving ability.  As a result, the Florida legislature passed legislation on January 1, 2004, requiring all drivers who are 80 years of age or older and who are in the process of renewing their driver license to pass a vision test.  In addition, our department and it’s partners have created the Florida GrandDriver Program to address these issues. More information on the Florida GrandDriver Program can be accessed through our website at

We would like to assure you that the detection and remediation of unsafe drivers on Florida’s highways is one of our highest priorities.  We trust this information will help you with your project and thank you for your interest in helping us make Florida’s roads as safe as possible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bill Henderson in the Medical Review Program at (850) 617-2710 or, and he will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,

Kelli Walden
Office of the Executive Director
Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles850-617-3195
For constituent assistance, please e-mail:

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