USH kickoff May 8-9: The Last Kickoff

finishlineFinally!  This is your last kickoff of the semester.  There will be more but they’ll be extra credit assignments. 

I would like your feedback on the course.  This feedback will be submitted anonymously.

There is no word count requirement, however if you could please address all the points below, I would appreciate it greatly.

Click here to submit your anonymous feedback.

Address it to charliekennedy1 at gmail dot com.  Please make sure you type that in correctly to ensure that I get your feedback.

Please tell me:

1.  what you liked about the course and what you would change.

2.  how does this class compare to your other classes in…

a.  amount of classwork/assignments
b.  quality of the assignments
c.  what you feel you got out of the class

3.  anything else you feel like sharing that will help me improve this class.

Go to the button on the bottom left – “Send ONLINE anonymous message“.


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