USH kickoff Apr 17-21: JFK part 1

oswald booking photoFor this kickoff, please transfer your notes on your JFK handout to this blog post.   As always, please bold your answers. <copy and paste these questions to a new post>

1. The film opens with President Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation.  What warning does he give the American public?

2.  Fill out the timeline.

November 1960 – Kennedy is elected…     /     April 1961 – the Bay of Pigs invasion….    /     October 1962 – the Cuban Missile crisis….      /     June 1963 – the American University speech….

3.  (Three years later) – what does Senator Russell Long tell Jim Garrison on the plane that makes Garrison want to look into the Kennedy assassination again?

4.  What did Lee Bowers testify that he saw in the train yard and around the picket fence on the day of the assassination?

5.  What theories does Garrison have about Oswald’s time in New Orleans?

  1. What new details does Garrison learn about the following people from his interviews of Jack Andrews, Dean Martin and Willie O’Keefe?

David Ferrie                                  Guy Banister                         Clay Bertand (Shaw)                     Lee Harvey Oswald

Include a relevant photo


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