JFK – USH kickoff Apr 15-16

Q1 – Ask two adults in your life (family member, relative, teacher, etc.) what they think of the Kennedy assassination.   Share those two opinions in this blog post.

150+ words and a relevant photo.


Spartacus Educ has a comprehensive and balanced site which covers many facets of the investigation.

Criticism of the “JFK” film:  This website, by a professor at Marquette University, is a large collection of work on the assassination – including this page which criticizes many scenes in the film.

One researcher’s computer simulation of his “single bullet theory” (0:00-5:27 of the video)


For further reading on the topic:
“Oswald was the lone gunman” theory:
— Case Closed  by Gerald Posner (1993)
Reclaiming History:  The Assassination of John F. Kennedy by Vincent Bugliosi (2007)

“CIA/Military-Industrial Complex” theory:
— On the Trail of the Assassins       by Jim Garrison (1988)
Crossfire:  The Plot That Killed Kennedy       by Jim Marrs (1989)
-or – www.jfkmurdersolved.com


We will not do this question until AFTER the movie.

Q2 – Which theory of the assassination do you believe?
a. Oswald was a pro-Soviet Communist who acted alone.

b. Oswald was a part of a small group of military intelligence personnel who wanted revenge on  Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

c.  Oswald was part of the intelligence group but was the “patsy” who realized after the assassination that he had been set up to take the blame.

d.  there was a far-reaching conspiracy that included the Dallas Police, the Secret Service, the FBI, the CIA and the military-industrial complex that killed Kennedy because he wanted to withdraw the U.S. military from Southeast Asia.

e.  something else… come up with your own theory.

Explain what you believe and why.

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