USH kickoff April 7-8: Malcolm X part 2

malcolm gun windowThis part of the movie covers Malcolm’s career as a minister with the Nation of Islam and the rift with Elijah Muhammad that cost him his life.  After we finish the movie, copy/paste these questions to a new blog post. Please bold your answers.  (These are the same questions from your handout.)

4.  After he is released from prison, Malcolm X becomes a preacher in the Nation of Islam.   What do you learn about this time of his life?

5.  Why do tensions develop between Malcolm X and leaders of the Nation of Islam – especially Elijah Muhammad?

6.  How does Malcolm X change after his pilgrimage to Mecca?

7.  Describe what happened on the day Malcolm X was murdered.

*extra credit – Describe two scenes (from the previous parts of the movie) that you found most memorable?

200+ total words.  Include a relevant photo.


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