Petition for Hugo Arellano (the State DMV responds)

I received this response to our petition asking for change following the tragic accident involving Manatee High student, Hugo Arellano.

Dear Mr. Kennedy:

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shares your concern and does have a process for reporting unsafe drivers.  Reports are routinely received from courts, doctors, law enforcement agencies, accident reports, family members, concerned citizens, and driver license personnel, about drivers with conditions that can affect safe driving.  Any time we receive such a report from a concerned person or agency, the department is authorized by Florida law to request medical reports for review by the Medical Advisory Board.  The Board takes into consideration all available facts including the driver’s medical history, driving record and any recent crash-related incidents to determine if it is safe for the individual to drive.  Based on this information, the department is able to take action to deny or approve the driving privilege.  If appropriate, drivers are required to pass a driving test as a condition of approval.  More information on reporting unsafe drivers can be accessed through our website at

While age alone does not determine a person’s ability to drive safely, older drivers often suffer debilitating conditions that over time can place them in an at-risk status.  As Florida’s senior population grows, it’s citizens are becoming more aware of and concerned with the effects of age on driving ability.  As a result, the Florida legislature passed legislation on January 1, 2004, requiring all drivers who are 80 years of age or older and who are in the process of renewing their driver license to pass a vision test.  In addition, our department and it’s partners have created the Florida GrandDriver Program to address these issues. More information on the Florida GrandDriver Program can be accessed through our website at

We would like to assure you that the detection and remediation of unsafe drivers on Florida’s highways is one of our highest priorities.  We trust this information will help you with your project and thank you for your interest in helping us make Florida’s roads as safe as possible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bill Henderson in the Medical Review Program at (850) 617-2710 or, and he will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,

Kelli Walden
Office of the Executive Director
Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles850-617-3195
For constituent assistance, please e-mail:

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