USH Kickoff March 18-19: HUAC

huacDuring the “Cold War” between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, many Americans lived in fear of Communists living in the U.S.  This fear led to wrongful accusations and smear campaigns against innocent people.   Use 18.3 – online here – pgs. 617-610 for help with this kickoff.

<copy/paste these questions to a new blog post and bold your answers>

1.  What was the HUAC?

2.  Give an example of a person who was accused of being a Communist by the HUAC.

2a.  What happened to that person?

3.   Imagine one of you best friends was accused by HUAC.    Write a brief speech you would deliver to the HUAC in defense of your best friend.

150+ total words.  Proofread and a relevant photo.

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