USH kickoff March 10-11: “42” Jackie Robinson

Branch Rickey (far left) and Jackie Robinson signing his Dodgers contract

In 1945, Jackie Robinson signed a minor league contract to play for the Montreal Royals, a Class AAA affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

This kickoff was done on-paper, in class.  You do NOT have to make a new blog post.   3rd period is exempt from this kickoff.

42” is the story of Jackie Robinson, the first black player in Major League Baseball.

Jackie Robinson – he was a 4-sport star at UCLA and a veteran of WW2  before becoming a player in the Negro Leagues with the Kansas City Monarchs.
Rachel Robinson – she met Jackie while they were students at UCLA.  After Jackie’s baseball career she became a Professor of Nursing at Yale University in New Haven, CT. Jackie’s wife.  She continues to manage the Jackie Robinson Foundation.
Branch Rickey – General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers who was determined to bring a black player to the professional baseball, due to his religious beliefs and because he thought it would make money for him and the team.
Wendell Smith – a reporter for the Pittsburgh Courier, a prominent Africa-American newspaper at the time, who travelled with Robinson during this career.

While we watch the movie “42” , you will answer the following questions:

1.  When the movie opens, what plan does Branch Rickey tell his assistants he has come up with?

2.  What do you learn about JR’s personality in his game with the Kansas City Monarchs?

3.  How does JR react when told he can’t use the “white” bathroom at the gas station in Missouri?

4.  What was JR court-martialed for while in the military?

5.  April 28, 1945 – Why do you think Branch Rickey is hard on JR when they first meet?

6.  What does JR ask Rachel on the phone after this meeting?

7.  How does the ticket agent react to Mrs. Robinson using the “whites only” bathroom in the New Orleans airport?

8.  Who meets the Robinsons when they step off the team bus in Daytona Beach, FL?

9.  How does Jackie Robinson answer the following question from reporters?

9a. ” Will you have a problem playing with whites?”
9b. ” What will you do if a pitcher throws at your head?”
9c.  “Is this about politics?”

10.  How does Branch Rickey react when “Hop” calls JR a “nigger”?

11.  Sanford, FL – How does the crowd react in JR’s first at-bat?

12.  What happens in JR’s first at-bat?

13.  What happens once JR gets on base?

14.  A local white man makes a threat against JR.  How does Branch Rickey react?

15.  Deland, FL – What happens after JR scores in the game?

16.  What does JR hear from Branch Rickey after this game?

17.  Jersey City, NJ – What happens in JR’s first at-bat?

18.  Panama City, Panama – Spring training 1947:  What do learn about Leo Durocher during his late night call with Branch Rickey?

19.  How do JR’s teammates react to playing with him?

20.  How does Leo Durocher react to the revolt among the white players on the team?

21.  What does Wendell Smith make JR realize during the conversation in the car?

22.  What happens to Leo Durocher just before the start of the 1947 season?

23.  Opening day – Brooklyn, NY:  How do JR’s teammates react when he shows up for opening day?

24.  How does the crowd react when JR takes the field?

25.  What happens in JR’s first at-bat?

26.  How does Branch Rickey convince Burt Shooton to be the Dodgers manager?

27.  How does JR react to the racial taunting from the Philadelphia manager Ben Chapman?

28.  How does JR’s teammate come to his defense when the taunting continues?

<to be continued>


The box score of JR’s first game:

JR’s career stats:

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