USH Kickoff Feb 24-25: Schindler’s List part 2/3

amon goeth

Amon Goeth, 1944

Schindler’s List (1993) Part 2/3 summary  – Copy these notes to a new post.  Fill in the blanks.  Bold your answers and please remove the extra blank space “____” from your final post.

1.  March 1943 – Liquidation of the Krakow ghetto.   More than _______ Jews are killed during the liquidation.   Most were sent to _________________ to be killed.   The remaining Jews are sent to live in __________ labor camp, run by Amon ______.

2.  The road leading into the Plaszow camp is paved with ______________________________.

3.   Schindler meets with Goeth to tell him that losing his workers is hurting his factory and his _________.   They come to an agreement that Schindler will ________  Goeth so his workers can leave Plaszow during the day to work at D.E.F.

4.  Goeth demonstrates _____________ behavior such as, shooting random workers from ___________,  shooting ___ people over 1 missing man,  and the attempted murder of the hinge maker who only survives because __________________________________.

5.   Regina Perlman gets a meeting with Schindler by ____________________.  She tells Schindler that people see his factory as a ________.    Schindler later yells at Stern that this is _____________ and the Germans could find out.   However, he continues to exchange ________________ for the favor of having workers from Plaszow be moved to his factory, including Regina’s __________.

6.  Schindler tells Goeth the story of an Emperor who pardons “a worthless man” for a crime:  “Power is when we have every justification _________ and _________.”    Goeth seems to have changed after hearing the story, until he _____________________________.

7.  At his own birthday party, Schindler ______________________, which shocks everyone in the room.

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