USH kickoff Feb 20-21: Schindler’s List part 1

schindler posterSchindler’s List (1993) Part 1 summary  – Copy these notes to a new post.  Fill in the blanks.  Bold your answers and please remove the extra blank space “____” from your final post. 

1.  The movie opens in September ___.   Germany has invaded and quickly taken over _____.   All ____ in Poland are told to report to _________ and the Germans start making _____ of Jewish people.

2.  Oskar __________ arrives at a party of _____ officers and ___________________________.  He wants to make friends with the officers so they will _____________________.

3.   Schindler asks __________ to be the accountant for his new ___________ factory.    Schindler asks him to find Jewish __________ who will lend him the money to start the factory.   Schindler offers to pay them with _____________ that they can trade for other goods on the ____________.

4.  Stern _______ documents and lies to Nazi list-makers to get __________ to work in Schindler’s factory.

5.  Schindler uses his black market contacts to purchase ___________ that the Nazi officers will appreciate and will ____________________.

6.  March 1941 – all Jews in the _______ area are forced to move into the _______.  Jews sent to concentration camps had their belongings taken and Nazis took their valuable items.

7.  Schindler’s _____ returns to find Oskar is _____________________.   She soon leaves when Oskar can’t promise _______________.

Include a relevant photo in your blog post.


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