Kickoff Jan 30-31: Changes of the 1920s

harlem renaissance artworkUse “The Americans” (old book) Chapter 13.2, to find information on the following topics. <copy/paste these questions to a new blog post>  As always, please BOLD your answers.

1.  How did the style and attitude of “flappers” show a new freedom for young women? (p.440)

2.  Describe two major changes for women regarding family and/or marriage? (p. 442)

3.  List two ways that high schools changed. (p.446)

4.  List and describe three criticisms of American society that were made by writers of the 20s.  (p.450)

5.  What was the Great Migration? (p. 452)

6.  What did the rise of the NAACP and UNIA reveal about the experience of black Americans? (p.453)

7.  Describe two common themes of Harlem Renaissance authors. (p. 454)

250+ total words.  Add a relevant photo, spellcheck and proofread.


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