Kickoff Jan 22-27: Rosewood

rosewood florida

In January of 1923, a white woman made a false accusation of assault against a black man in Sumner, FL.   This accusation led to racial violence, the destruction of the neighboring town of Rosewood, and the deaths of at least 8 people.  Descendents of the survivors claim the number of dead was much higher.

The story was mostly unknown, except to the survivors and their families, until a journalist from the St. Pete Times began to research the area of Levy County, FL.

With the help of Mr. Arnett Doctor, the son of a Rosewood survivor, the story of the Rosewood Massacre gained national media attention.   This film was released in 1997.

rosewoodAs we watch the movie, you will summarize what you are seeing.   What happened on:

Thursday, Dec. 31, 1922
Friday, Jan. 1, 1923
Saturday, Jan. 2, 1923
Sunday, Jan. 3, 1923

As the movie progresses what do you learn about the following people?

Mr. Mann / Sylvester Carrier / Sam Carter / Aunt Sarah / Beulah “Scrappie” / Fanny Taylor / James Taylor / John Wright / Duke Purdy / Sheriff Walker

When your summary is complete, it should be at least 250 words in length.

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