Kickoff Jan 13-14: Studyguide Part 2

league of nations cartoon

What point is being made?

Final Exam Studyguide, Part 2

Define and/or describe the following terms.  After you finish this post, it will be a helpful study guide for the school district’s Semester 1 assessment.

suggestion: use the index of either textbook to help you find info.

12.  the Chinese Exclusion Act –
the Gentlemen’s Agreement –
(how were they similar?)

13. tactics used by labor unions in the late 1800s –

14. who were “muckrakers”?

15. the “Big Stick” Policy –

16. the Open Door Policy with China –

17. what was “yellow journalism”?

18. the motivations of the U.S. for building the Panama Canal –

19. what pulled the U.S. into World War 1? (kickoff Dec 10-11)

20. Schneck v. United States
Espionage & Sedition Acts –
(how are they similar?)

21. new weapons of World War 1 (kickoff Dec 16-17)

22.  what was the League of Nations? (and criticisms of it)

23.  conditions of the Treaty of Versailles (kickoff Jan 7-8)

24. the 18th and 19th amendments –


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