Kickoff Jan 9-10: Studyguide Part 1

homestead steel workers

Final Exam Studyguide, Part 1

Define and/or describe the following terms.  After you finish this post, it will be a helpful study guide for the school district’s Semester 1 assessment.

suggestion: use the index of either textbook to help you find info.

<copy/paste these items to a new blog post>

1.  Sectionalism (the differences between the North and South before the Civil War) pg 156 old book –

2.  Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan (after the Civil War) –
the Radical Republicans Reconstruction Plan –

3.  the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments –

4.  Jim Crow laws –

5.  effects of sharecropping in the South –

6.  effects of the buffalo slaughter on Native Americans –

7.  the Commerce Act of 1887 –
the Populist movement –
(how were they similar?)

8.  what factors helped the rise of large corportations (Rockefeller Oil, Carnegie Steel, Ford Auto) –

9.  Interstate Commerce Act –
Sherman Antitrust Act –
(how were they similar?)

10.  production innovations of Henry Ford –

11.  population shifts between 1870-1900 –


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