Kickoff Dec 12-13: The Lusitania

ny times lusitania.

For today’s kickoff, please read this article on the sinking of the Lusitania:

Copy/paste these questions to a new blog post.  As always, please BOLD your answers:

1.  Briefly describe the Lusitania.  What kind of ship was it?

2.   How was the Lusitania prepared for the outbreak of war?

3.  What was on board the ship that shows the U.S. may not have been neutral in the war in Europe?

4.   What is the significance of Alfred Vanderbilt and Carl Frohman?

5.  How did Germany change its policy toward passenger ships after the Lusitania incident?

6.  How did the sinking of the Lusitania pull the U.S. closer to war?


200+ words total.   Add a relevant photo, spellcheck and proofread.

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