USH kickoff Dec 2-3: MAIN causes of WW1

Trench Warfare

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break.   In three weeks, we’ll be leaving for Winter Break.    We have a lot of work to do before then.  When we return, we’ll be jumping right into quarter 2 assessments and semester exams.   But don’t worry, if we prepare well now, you’ll be ready in January.

For today’s kickoff, you can use the old book (pg 373) or the new book (pg 184).    Answer these three questions:  

1.  Please list and define the four main (“M.A.I.N”) causes of World War One.

2.  Which of these main causes do you think still exists today?

3.  If a World War broke out in today’s world, what do you think might be some of the consequences (outcomes)?

150+ words.   Add a relevant photo, spellcheck and proofread.


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