Kickoff Nov 15-18: Partner Presentations

presentation memeFor today’s kickoff, I want you and your partner to discuss what you’ll be doing for your presentation next week.   Please answer these questions as you talk with your partner.  (Each partner will write a blog post.)

1.   What is your assigned lesson?

2.   Who will present your lesson?  (one partner or both)

3.   What type of presentation will you do?  (blog post, powerpoint, poster, etc.)

4.   What are the three important people and/or concepts that you’ll include?  List and define them:




150+ words total.   Add to this post one photo and one map that you’ll use in your presentation.

Reminder:  If you save any work on a laptop at school, it will be saved on that laptop #.   For example, if you signed in on laptop #14 and saved a powerpoint, pictures or other work, you must sign in on that same laptop to be able to get it back.

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