Kickoff Nov 8-12: TMWBA Henry Ford Ep 8

When you arrive…   1.  make sure you have finished the kickoffs for Nov 4-5 (the Macohi) and Nov 6-7 (TMWBA ep. 7)

2.  Sign in to Quia and see where you left off.   Chapter 8 is expiring today (after school).   Make sure 8.1 – 8.4 are complete.

“The Men Who Built America”  Episode 8 – Henry Ford (“The New Machine”)  After we finish this episode, copy/paste these questions to a new blog post. As always, please bold your answers.

Ford Assembly line


1.  In the court case U.S. vs. Standard Oil, how did Rockefeller defend himself?

2.  How was Ford’s new model different from other cars being produced at the time?

3.  When Henry Ford’s application was rejected by ALAM, what did he do?

4.  How did U.S. Steel avoid the anti-trust charges that hounded Rockefeller?

5.  Listen to Rockefeller’s answer to the accusation that Standard Oil has been a destructive influence.  What does Rockefeller believe about his actions?

6.  How was Ford’s factory different from the way other cars were manufactured?  List 3.

7. What decision did the court reach in the United States vs. Standard Oil?

8.  What did the court decide in the case between Ford and ALAM?

9.  How did the “new breed of businessman” differ from the older group?

10.  How did the breakup of his company affect John D. Rockefeller’s personal finances?

11.  J.P. Morgan died at the age of 75.   After his death, Carnegie and Rockefeller started a new competition with each other.   Instead of trying to be richest, what did they do now?

12.  Describe the new era America was entering.

13.  In the words of the narrator, “They didn’t discover this modern America; they __________ it.”

After Viewing:

14.   How would America have been different if these early industrialists had not existed?

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