Kickoff Nov 6-7

“The Men Who Built America”  Episode 7 – The Election of 1896 (“Taking The White House”)  After we finish this episode, copy/paste these questions to a new blog post. As always, please bold your answers.

a puppet of the rich1.  How did the wealth of the super-rich businessmen compare with the lives of the poor?

2.  William Jennings Bryan saw an opportunity to rise to the presidency as the voice of the poor.  What did Bryan promise to do to the big trusts?

3.  What did the powerful men of Wall Street respond to W.J. Bryan’s run for the Presidency?

4.  Bryan continued to gain momentum in the polls – leading the captains of industry to try fear tactics.  What did they do?

5.  After the election, Rockefeller expanded his investments.  What industry did he go into next?   Why?

6.  Carnegie and Rockefeller negotiated for months.  In the end, what did they do?

7.    What did J.P. Morgan decided needed to happen to the U.S. steel industry?

8.    To achieve his dream, J.P. Morgan had to purchase Carnegie Steel.  Why did Carnegie even consider selling?

9.   Carnegie eventually sold his company.  On what amount did he and Morgan agree?

10.  Unlike most politicians of the day, Theodore Roosevelt clashed with the powerful businessmen.  Why?

11.  What did the powerful capitalists decide to do about Roosevelt?

12.  Why did Leon Czolgosz decide to assassinate President McKinley?

13.   Why did Roosevelt believe that the government should have more power than the big capitalists?

14.   After Roosevelt broke up a number of trusts, the government finally went after Standard Oil.  How did Rockefeller attempt to avoid being served a subpoena?  How did they finally get him?

Add a relevant photo.  Spellcheck, publish and proofread.

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