Kickoff Nov 4-5

the macohiFor today’s kickoff, you will write an article to be submitted to the school newspaper, The Macohi.

You can see the Macohi’s website here.  <—click that link.    You’ll notice the gray bar below the title that identifies the sections of the newspaper (News, Entertainment, Features, Opinion and Sports).    You can write an article for any of those sections.

Browse through some of the articles already online to give you some ideas on which you can write.   The subject is completely up to you, so use your imagination and be creative.   Possible ideas:   something that’s been on your mind…  a good movie, tv show or video game you’ve seen lately… something related to current events going on in the U.S. or the world…  a strong opinion you have about a topic or incident…  coverage of a sports or social event.    It could even be some random topic that no one would think of but you.  Have fun with it.

What NOT to do:  copy and paste something about which you don’t care and is completely unrelated to your life.  Those are easy to spot, don’t be that person.

150+ words.   Add a relevant photo, spellcheck, publish and proofread it on your front page.


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