Kickoff Nov 1 (2nd period)

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (1992)  –  After we finish the movie, copy/paste these questions to a new blog post. As always, please bold your answers.

frozen chief at wounded knee massacre

The frozen body of Chief Spotted Elk.

Part I –  1.  What famous battle opens the movie?

2.  What is the result?

3.  What did the government want from Red Cloud and the Oglala Sioux (pronounced “sue”)?

4.  How did Gen. Miles insult Sitting Bull?   What is the result of insult?

5.  Under what conditions do the Canadian Mounties allow Sitting Bull and the Lakota Sioux to stay?

6.  How are Red Cloud and Sitting Bull different in their leadership styles?

Part II –  7.  Give three examples of Native Americans being forced to assimilate into white culture.

8.  What name does Ohiyesa choose as his “white/Christian” name?

9.   Why does Sitting Bull whip two of his own people?

10.  What is Senator Dawes plan for the Sioux land?

11.  What is Sitting Bull’s opinion of assimilation?

Part III –  1.  What was the biggest “killer” of the Sioux on the reservation?

2.   When Charles arrived at Standing Rock why does the sign that says “Every man a chief” disturb him?

3.  Describe the conditions the Sioux are living with at Standing Rock when Charles arrives.

4.  What did the Sioux believe would happen by when the prophet Wovoka lead them in the “Ghost Dance” ritual?

5.  Senator Henry Dawes returns to the Sioux with a new offer for their land.  What was the new offer?

Part IV –   6.  How did Chief Red Cloud respond to Chief Sitting Bull’s refusal to agree with Senator Dawes’ offer?

7.  What happened to Chief Sitting Bull?  Describe in as much detail as you can.

8.   What happened at Wounded Knee Creek after Sitting Bull’s death?

9.  What job did Henry Dawes get for “Charles Eastman”?  Why do you think Charles was unable to complete this job?

Include a relevant photo.  Spellcheck, publish and proofread.

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