Kickoff Oct 31-Nov 1 Edison vs. Tesla

nikola tesla large

Nikola Tesla

“The Men Who Built America”  Episode 6 – J.P. Morgan / Thomas Edison vs.  George Westinghouse / Nikola Tesla (“Owning it All”)

After we finish this episode, copy/paste these questions to a new blog post. As always, please bold your answers.

1.  Explain why Edison decided to develop an electric chair.

2.   Edison’s attempt with the electric chair didn’t go as he hoped.  How did it backfire on Edison?

3.   J.P. Morgan’s father told him to get rid of all of his electric shares.  What event allowed J.P. Morgan to invest as he wished?

4.   How did J.P. Morgan try to take down Westinghouse?

5.   Who saved Westinghouse?  How?

6.   Officials in charge of the Niagara station chose ________________ to power their generators.

7.   How did the man who lost the Niagara contract attempt to win in spite of this setback?

8.   Morgan felt the need to “streamline” Edison Electric.  What changes did Morgan make?

9.   The United States was in a dangerous financial situation that was at risk of getting much worse.  What did J.P. Morgan do about this problem?

10.   Rockefeller’s business was in trouble – threatened by the rising use of electricity.  What did Rockefeller do to save his business?

11.  What is “Morganization?”

12.  How did the Morganization process affect the working class?

13.  William Jennings Bryan used worker anger to try and win the White House.  What did the powerful corporate heads decide they need to do to counter Bryan?

Include a relevant photo, spellcheck and proofread.   

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