Kickoff Oct 29-30 J.P. Morgan

JP Morgan“The Men Who Built America”

Episode 5 – J.P. Morgan (“A New Rival Emerges”)

After we finish this episode, copy/paste these questions to a new blog post. As always, please bold your answers.

1.  Who did Carnegie blame for the problems with his workers and his chairman, Henry Frick?

2.  In what business did J.P. Morgan make his fortune?

3.  What action did Carnegie take when he became fearful J.P. Morgan would try to take control of Carnegie Steel?

4. Describe J.P. Morgan’s relationship with his father.

5.  What idea did J.P. find that he thought would make him as rich as Rockefeller and Carnegie?

6.  How did J.P. Morgan demonstrate his new investment?

7.  The elite all wanted electrified homes – except Rockefeller.  Why did Rockefeller fear electricity?

8.  J.P. Morgan went to visit Edison because the noise of the generator was bothering his wife.  As the conversation progressed, what did Morgan decide to do?

9.  How did Rockefeller respond to the loss of his customers to electricity?

10.  Nikola Tesla wanted the higher voltage alternating current (A.C.) to be the standard.  Why was Edison unwilling to listen to Tesla’s ideas?

11.  Who finally invested in Tesla’s idea?

12.  J.P. Morgan’s investment was at risk.  He told Edison to do anything to stop alternating current.  How did Edison try to take down Tesla?

Include a relevant photo, spellcheck and proofread.   

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