Kickoff Oct 25-28

homestead steel workersThis is a creative writing assignment, so there are no right or wrong answers.  

Scenario:  You are the leader of the labor union at the Carnegie Steel plant in Homestead, PA.   You are demanding better pay, shorter hours and safer working conditions from the plant’s manager, Henry Frick.    You have heard rumors that Frick plans to bring in the Pinkertons to break the strike and bring in replacement workers.

You will write a letter to Andrew Carnegie on behalf of the workers.  You should describe, in detail, what changes you want made at the factory and why they are necessary.   You should also describe your displeasure with Frick and your fear of the Pinkertons.   What would you say?

150+ words.   Category = “kickoff”.  Add a relevant photo, spellcheck, publish and proofread.

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