Kickoff Oct 23-24 “Blood is Spilled”

Henry_Clay_Frick“The Men Who Built America”

Episode 4 – Henry Frick (“Blood is Spilled”)

While you watch today’s episode “Blood is Spilled”, you will answer these questions while you watch.

<copy/paste these questions to a new blog post>  As always, please bold your answers.

1. Why did the people of Johnstown, PA fail to evacuate when given a warning that it was going to break?

2.  Describe the damage caused by the Johnstown Flood.

3.  How was Andrew Carnegie’s response to the flood different from other members of the South Fork club?

4.  What is still the most famous building that Carnegie built?

5.  Carnegie built the Homestead Steel Mill to surpass Rockefeller as the world’s richest man.  What did he do at the mill to maximize profits?

6.  How did Carnegie try to protect his public image while carrying out the actions in #5?

7.  What poor working conditions were faced by the men working in the Homestead mill?

8.  What action did Henry Frick take to move first at the workers?

9. Who were the Pinkerton Detectives?

10. What happened at the barricade when the striking workers faced the Pinkertons?

11.  Did the governor of Pennsylvania side with the workers or with Frick & Carnegie?

12.  How did the public view the events at Homestead?

13.  What happened to Henry Frick after the violence at Homestead?

Include a relevant photo, spellcheck and proofread.   *This post should be completed in today’s class (except 1st period).   After you finish your post, please work on NEW book 3.2 and 3.3


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