USH kickoff Oct 9-10

Today’s kickoff is your checklist of work.

Sign into and make sure you have all 5 assignments that are on the checklist.  If you’re missing anything, get those notes from a member of your group.

Next, check your blog posts for Sept 23 through Oct 8.   Make sure each has the required word count, a photo (aligned left or right), a category and has been spellchecked/proofread.

When you have verified that all is done and you’re ready to be graded, let me know.  We’ll meet one-on-one and go over your work.

There are three new short assignments to work on in class:

a21 – Chap 6.3 OLD book – click here to start

a22 – the Civil War map quiz – click here to start

a23 – Chap 3.1 NEW book – click here to start (if you don’t finish this in class, it is homework

The first quarter ends next Friday, October 18.

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