USH Kickoff Oct 3-4

The Americans 1In our last class, your new group was assigned a section of the OLD book.   For today’s kickoff you’ll return to that section and answer two questions.

Copy/paste your two questions to a new blog post.  As always, please bold your answers.  Work as a team. When you finish, get ready to present the work your group did in the last class.

Word count = 100 total /  Category = “kickoffs”  /  Include a relevant photo for your section. 

4.2 The Civil War Begins

1.  What were the military strategies of the North and the South at the onset of the Civil War?   2.  What role did African-Americans and women play in the Civil War?

4.3 The North Takes Charge

1. Which Northern tactic helped destroy morale in the South after the defeats at Gettysburg and Vicksburg?   2. What effect did the war have on the economies of the North and the South?

4.4 Reconstruction and Its Effects

1.  Why did the Radical Republicans want to impeach Andrew Johnson?  2.  In what ways did emancipated (freed) slaves exercise their freedom?   3.  How did Southern Whites regain political power during Reconstruction?

5.1  Cultures Clash on the Prairies

1.  Identify three differences between the culture of the Native Americans and the culture of the white settlers on the Great Plains.  2.  How effective was the Dawes Act in promoting the assimiliation of Native Americans into white culture?

6.1  The Expansion of Industry

1. How did the growth of the steel industry influence the development of other industries?   2. How did inventions and developments in the late 1800s change the way people worked?


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