USH Kickoff Sept 25-26 “Glory”, Part 1

When you arrive to class, please go to Quia and sign in.   Look for assignments 15 and 17.  If they are not done, finish them NOW.  (Assignments 16 and 18 are homework.)

USH kickoff Sept 25 26

When you have completed both a15 and a17, ask me for a copy of the “Glory” questions.

glory film boston paradeYou’ll answer those questions as you watch the movie.   “Glory” is the true story of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry – the first military unit of all Black men – who fought for the North during the Civil War.

At the end of class, you’ll start a new blog post.   It is March of 1863.  You are a newspaper reporter in Boston writing an article on the 54th Infantry.   What details would you include to inform your readers about this newly-formed unit of Black soldiers?

Title = “Sept 25-26 Glory, Part 1”  /  100+ words.  Category = “movies”.  Add a relevant photo and spellcheck.  If you were absent, or were working on Quia during the movie, you can write a make-up post.  (Any topic of your choice, 100+ words, photo, etc)

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