USH Kickoff Sept 23-24 (and classwork)

Background:  When Abraham Lincoln won the Election of 1860, the Southern states saw no hope of keeping slavery and chose to secede (leave) the U.S. and form their own country, the Confederate States of America.

Lincoln’s first priority as President was to keep the country together.   But what if Lincoln didn’t care about the southern states?

Question:  How do you think our lives would be different today if President Lincoln had allowed the Southern states to secede (withdraw) from the United States and be their own independent nation?

There are no right or wrong answers.   This is a creative writing assignment.   Use your imagination.  100+ words.  Add a relevant photo.   Spellcheck and proofread.


After you finish the kickoff…  please complete this assignment in class:

a17 – (in-class) OLD book Chapter 4.1 – click here to start = 30 points

Homework:  due, Thursday, Sept. 26

a18 – Chap 1.5 NEW book – click here to start = 35 points


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