USH kickoff Sept 19-20 (and classwork)

You’ll need the new textbook to complete this kickoff.   Go to page 61 “Dred Scott vs. Sandford”

<copy/paste these questions to a new post. Please write your answers in bold.>

1.  In your own words, describe Dred Scott’s argument.

2.  What were two important rulings issued by the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case?

3.  Chief Justice Roger Taney was on the Supreme Court for the Amistad decision (1841) and the Dred Scott decision (1857).   Why do you think his Court had two very different views of black people in those cases?  (This is not in the book.  This is your own idea.)

165+ words.  Category = “kickoff”.   Add a relevant photo and spellcheck.   After you finish the kickoff…  please complete this short assignment:

a15 – (in-class) OLD book Chapter 3.5 – click here to start = 15 points

Homework:  due, Sunday Sept 22

a16 – Chap 1.2 NEW book – click here to start = 30 points


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