USH Kickoff Sept 17-18 (w/ Amistad quiz)

amistad adams covey cinqueYou’ll write this kickoff after we finish the movie.

<copy and paste these questions to a new post.  Please write your answers in bold.>

1.   How do you think the case of the Amistad Africans pushed the United States closer to Civil War?

2.    During Cinque’s court testimony, we learn how the Amistad Africans were taken from their home in Africa and were transported to Cuba to be sold.   Why do you think some people are willing (and able) to treat other people so terribly?

3.    Would you recommend this movie to your friends and family?  Why or why not?

175+ of your own words.   Category = “movies”.   Add a relevant photo, spellcheck and proofread.

** When you finish your kickoff, click here to take the Amistad quiz (assignment 14).


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