USH kickoff Sept 11-12 Amistad

amistadYou will write today’s kickoff in two parts; at the middle and at the end of class.   We’ll watch the first 25 minutes of the movie.

Part 1:  write a short account (50-100 words) of how the Amistad Africans ended up on the coast of Long Island, New York and then were imprisoned in New Haven, Connecticut.

Part 2:  For the second part of the post, you write about the Amistad African’s first appearance at trial for the murder of the Spanish crew.   Please write about the this subject:   What evidence did Roger Baldwin use to prove the Amistad men are African and were not born on a Cuban plantation?   Do you think Baldwin will be successful?   Why or why not?

Your total post should be (100+ words).  Add a relevant photo.  Spellcheck and proofread before you publish.   Category = “movies” (you’ll have to add this new category)



Click on this link for primary source documents and more information on the Amistad case.

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  1. a2scott359 says:

    I really enjoyed the trials and Mr. Baldwins strife to interpret the laws and interpret how these africans are men not goods.

  2. I really thought this movie was interesting I never knew that they drowned the slaves like they did. I watch alot of law and order and how mr.Baldwin presented his case that caught my attention alot. Really good movie .!

  3. The Africans struggle was very symbolic of the struggles of all African slaves and African Americans. I found it very interesting how easy it was for the President to manipulate the local courts. This movie gave me new insight as to how terrible the passage from Africa to America really was.

  4. I learned that the slaves had to be born into slavery to be pronounced slaves. They couldnt just be taken into slavery. I also learned that a case can be finsished but still have to go through the supreme court before its finished. I thought the movie was great and it really gave me a better look at how slaves were treated.

  5. t1horne359 says:

    I learned that the slaves in the tribes would capture their own and give them to the slave traders. I didn’t know that they had to be born into slavery to be a slave legally.

  6. a4ellis359 says:

    I learned that in order to become a slave, you had to be born into it. They couldn’t just take you, and pronounce you a slave. I had no idea that slaves were treated as harsh as they were, and I didn’t know they were killed like they weren’t even people.

  7. o1alstrom359 says:

    I thought this movie was okay but it was gross how they treated slaves.learned that you can only be a slave if ur born in to slavery and i learned more about how bad they treated slaves.

  8. b4wheeler358 says:

    I learned that you have to fight for what you believe in, and don’t give up. It taught me a lot about strength, survival, and friendship.

  9. d1watkins359 says:

    I thought the movie was great and it really cleared up how slaves were treated. Also, in order to be a slave, you had to be born as one. Another thing is I learned you can win a case and it still has to go to the higher courts.

  10. Hi!! I thought this movie was very detailed and i got a better understanding of how the slaves were treated while they were on the ships. One specific thing that I noticed was that when they were first captureing Cinca other Africans were helping the spanish. I also leraned alittle bit better how the goverment worked nd how it compares to it now, whitch in my oppinion there is not much of a diffrence. the movie was very graphic and i was about to throw up at won point.

  11. a2rissman359 says:

    Hey :) I really liked this movie, I thought it was interesting because it actually happened and gave america a lot to think about that maybe they didn’t before. It is really sad what happened to the slaves and I think it is a lesson still to be learned today on how to treat people. It also made me understand John Quincy Adams as a person and his role in the movie was vital to the outcome. I thought his character was interesting and beleivable, overall it was a really good movie:)

  12. I liked the blend of a good/bad ending where they got their freedom but Cinque lost his family. It showed the dark side and inhumanity involved in slavery.

  13. I enjoyed this movie even though it is an event that I wish did not happen. I think that the movie helps people remember how lucky we are to be Americans and that we have our freedom. I appreciated the effort that Mr.Baldwin and Mr.Adams put in to help a group of people even though the odds were against them.

  14. nightdream94 says:

    I liked the movie. It was suspenseful and surprising. Suspenseful in a way because even as they one a trial, they must beat another one and this was unlikely in the beginning. Surprising because I was very surprised that the supreme court actually held the rights of all people and released them as they should have been. I’m glad we watched it.

  15. This movie was symbolic, heart-wrenching, and very well done overall. I found the trial scenes in both the state court and supreme court quite engaging. The thought of being taken from your home land by your own people and then being shipped around to be sold is just unimaginable to me.

  16. g1pinter359 says:

    this movie was bloody at times and even though the trials were painfully boaring i enjoyed it

  17. t1schwarz359 says:

    The Amistad was a cruel middle passage voyage that was over taken by the African Americans in hope that they would try and get back home. Unfourtunetly there attempts landed them in Long Island, New York. After much trial they where set free and returned back to Africa in search of there families. The symbol behind this was freedom and how to matter how much you try you can always find your way home.

  18. I thought the movie was good. But I do have a question. If the Africans from the Amistad were on the boat for many months with little food, how were they so Jacked?

  19. d1lee35 says:

    I thought the movie was really good. i thought it showed the reality of what happened on the ships in the middle passage. enjoyed the movie

  20. e3conlon359 says:

    I learned new things in this movie I never how really bad the slaves got treated for example being drowned. this movie really teaches you a lot. im glad this still doesnt happen today. I really liked this movie

  21. c3baar359 says:

    I thought the movie was exciting. And I never knew how hard it was in the courts to justify a claim such as the one Mr.Baldwin was trying to convince. I also didn’t know the Africans had such a long and enduring struggle to overcome both on over seas passage and in the courts. How long it took for Cinque to actually communicate with Mr.Baldwin (and others) and the processes they all had to go through, just for their freedom. I didn’t understand why they could have a country so built on freedom of all people, when the African Americans were homed to slavery.

  22. I thought this movie was very good. It was very interesting and i learned alot of new things that I didn’t know such as that the slaves had to be born into slavery and that they couldn’t be taken from Africa to be slaves. Also I found it really amazing that that was a real story and that those actions really happened. Also it was good just because Morgan Freeman was in it.

  23. e3simo359 says:

    This movie for me was real good. Since this happen in real life i feel good that some one like Mr. Baldwin fight for the rights of these slaves. This movie show us a reality and let us know how sad and painful it is to be discriminated by our skin color and it show us how does people feel in does time were slavery was legal. I really liked this movie.

  24. I learned a great deal in this movie we have just watched, it has opened my eyes to see how big of a deal slavery was back then and to see how people like John Quincy Adams had such a great vocabulary and new how to twist words from peoples conversations and leaving them speechless in some casses.

  25. k3king359 says:

    I thought the movie was a clear insight into how slavery really worked. It was sad at times but it portrayed the events that really happened to abolish slavery. I enjoyed the movie mostly because it was a true story and i learned from it that we had treaties with Spain and also that Africans couldn’t be taken from Africa to become slaves. Over all it was an interesting movie.

  26. c3hoskins359 says:

    I thought the movie was great! I never knew that the slave owners would just throw some of the slaves overboard because the load was too heavy. I liked when John Quincy Adams was talking in the in the highest court and was talking about how everybody has rights, even the Africans do as well. Always fight for what you believe in and don’t ever stop.

  27. k3davis359 says:

    This was an great movie to me I really enjoyed it. This movie was really interesting and showed great details about slavery and the court system during that time. I thought that it was crazy how they treated the slaves and didn’t feed the ones that was sick. Then again, how the anttorney was getting threat letters. The old white man did an very good job of getting the slaves free. He showed that there was still some whites who seen everyone as being equal. He listened to what Chique had to say before court day.

  28. l3beltran359 says:

    When that one slave died in the prison why didn’t the other slaves want to bury of get rid of the body? What did happen to that mans body?

  29. z2thomas359 says:

    Before watching this movie I had never FULLY understood how slaves were treated and the trials they were put through. The movie really broadened my view on slavery in the past.

  30. j2sandlin359 says:

    This movie is a godd example of how people thought of slavery and how very few have gone against it.The movie was very inteasting how they tied the women that were old and couldent do anything so they drowned them.

  31. Karly (: says:

    I really enjoyed the movie. I think it’s the first one I’ve actually liked at school! I learned about the whole thing I had never heard the story of the Amistad before watching the film. I’m glad to see that they were free to go but I was very disappointed to here Cinque’s effort was to a loss, because his family had been traded into slavery.

  32. s1ryan359 says:

    okay 1 i like any movie that includes Matt McConahay ( i honestly do not know how to spell his name) and 2 i love the detail on how it happened in those days.. lastly i already new this stuff from when i went to BCS

  33. a1tomes359 says:

    I learned just how badly they treated African Americans during the trade of the middle passage. I also thought the movie was good. It gave me more insight on how people were treated and the differences of peace between blacks and whites.

  34. I learned that you may have to win a case more than once for what you want done to be accomplished. I also saw how badly the African Americans were treated and it’s really sad.

  35. a2vanhook358 says:

    i learned that if you lose in a state court you can ask to go to supreme court

  36. j2sons359 says:

    This movie was very captivateing in the fact that it was as accurate as it was. I learned quite a few things from it that i never knew happened in history. One being i did’nt know africans themselves were involved in the slave trade to capture other africans.

  37. I liked the fact that Baldwin and other anti slavery believers worked their hearts out in order to set the slaves free and transport them back to their homeland. The movie was very interesting, it tought us and showed us how they treaty slaves.

  38. l2stewart359 says:

    I liked the movies storyline and the characters were well chosen. I did not like the goriness actions.. even though you froze it, my imagination made me think of what was going on. I learned about trials in the court, and how they can go to the supreme court after the state court if desired. Good movie,

  39. m2smith359 says:

    i learned that in africa some men would trade there own family and friends for guns and weapons. this is really sad to me and very suprising. also thought it was a really good movie.

  40. j2valle359 says:

    I learned that if you win a case and the goverment does not like it, the case can go to the supreme court for another case. I liked the movie, I thought it was pretty entertaining and it was nice to take a break from all the work we’ve done to watch it.

  41. z2morris359 says:

    I really enjoyed this movie. i learned that stuff just doesn’t happen over night and that when you take a case to court although you might win the first case there are still more high court rooms it might be taken to. you really don’t win tell the supreme court tells you.

  42. m2dolan359 says:

    I enjoyed the movie, it opened up information about slave trade and the middle passage that I didn’t know about. I never knew that the Europeans treated slaves as harsh as they did.

  43. s2salazar359 says:

    One thing I found interesting was that how they threw all thous people in the ocean just because they didn’t have enough food, and just like my friend Jose said it was nice to take a break from all this lame work in class.

  44. a2vanhook358 says:

    i learned that if you lose in a state court you can ask to go to supreme court if they accept and most important they way the british or americans treated the slaves or Africans

  45. i liked the movie and opened my eyes about how bad it was for them. it was weird how they would just throw people over board

  46. m2brooks359 says:

    I didnt know that when the Africans where in Africa and was brought to America for slavery, that was illegal because they where in there own country.

  47. I thought the movie was very intresting, really opened up my eyes to how see how horrible and cruel slavery really was. I Can’t even imagine what those people went through. I also got to see a little on the african language and how the communicate. It was also good to see that there were people out the fighting towards alvery awknoladging that is is wrong and trying to put an end to it.

  48. b2pollard359 says:

    I enjoyed the movie it taught me alot about how the africans came to the americas and learned our ways by understanding the bible and its stories.

  49. r2edwards359 says:

    The movie let me know how things were back in the day and it was good to see them get set free and get to go back where they are from.

  50. c2reyes359 says:

    i liked the movie and learned more about how africans were treated and stuff

  51. k4aritt359 says:

    I learned that the Blacks were brutally abused and actually thrown overboard. Why were people so cruel back then? I do not see how someone can throw someone over board and drown them, its so mean.

  52. e4ero359 says:

    I learned that back in the day dark skinned people were treated really badly especially during trial even if they are found not guilty they are still treated badly.

  53. I learned that some Africans helped abduct many other Africans from their homes and made them slaves. I liked how there were people who were willing to demand freedom for the Africans.

  54. j4daniels359 says:

    things in the movie that caught my attention was how the case was approved for appeal even though they clearly had pure factual evidence. over all a great movie

  55. e4brady359 says:

    What I thought was interesting was that other Africans helped with the slave trade.

  56. I really enjoyed this movie i felt like it was intersting but sad to know what the Africans had to go through in order to be free.I liked that at the begining “John Quicy Adams” acted like he didn’t want to help than he finally came through and the Africans went free.

  57. j4windle359 says:

    I had many mixed emotions about this movie. Amistad (the movie) made me angry, happy, sad, and disgusted. I did like this movie but it’s not one i would watch again just because I didn’t like some of the parts in the movie but i was very happy that the Africans were freed and went back to their hometown. But it was confusing on why they have to go threw all that they went threw just because well their color when they were never bothering anyone and they were living happy in their own place. It made m angry and i still do not know why the Africans people went against their own kind, that was a question i had but i figured it was because they wanted to be freed too but i feel that eventually during the time they were helping the whites towards the end they ended up being slaves, killed, or some kind of damage was done.

  58. I thought the movie was great it kept you wanting to know more about what happened and it had a good ending the African Americans were freed but I mean it was crazy how they were treated in the North I didnt get that

  59. I think that this movie was good and it cleared up a lot of my concerns with how slavery worked. I liked the theme of the movie but I am sad that it is based on a true happening. I learned that Americans need to be glad were they live and help others.

  60. r4corns359 says:

    I really liked this movie. I learned a lot and i thought it was weird that the Africans were making their own people slaves. This movie helped me understand how cruel people were back then like drowning them with those rocks.

  61. This movie made me realize how bad the African American people had it on their way to America, I couldn’t believe people knowing it was wrong took them out of their homeland and lied about it.

  62. m4maggio359 says:

    I thought it was a good movie to see while we learned about slavery because it really showed us what they went through and everything they had to overcome to be free. I learned that African Americans were taken and sold by other African Americans. I always thought it was white people that took the African Americans from their homes.
    Sorry its late

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