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166 Responses to 9/11/01

  1. danielga08 says:

    Well i dont have anyone that was affected by it. It was just a day of disaster for this country, i remember walking in and the second tower was falling. i was in mexico and all flights were canceled for about a week. the reson this day is so memerable was because that same week my Great Grandmother died and we buried her on the day after the horrible ensedent.

  2. jackdaru33 says:

    What a day. It pretty hard to describe what happened. I will always remember where i was and where my father was. I was in 5th grade at St. Coleman’s Catholic school in Pompano, Florida. My teacher walked in and told the class that the news stated that a small plane hit the world trade center. She continued to teach us. About half an hour later, a bunch of my classmates started to go home. Their parents were picking them up. I was shocked. After school was over I went back home and my mother, brother, and I sat there for hours watching the news. It was horrible. My mom called my dad who was in Washington D.C. for a meeting. He was a mile away from the pentagon but it was a scary moment. He drove by and saw a huge hole on the side of the building with smoke comming out of it. What day. We will never forget it.

  3. nickmace says:

    There was no one affected by the tragedy in my family because most of us live in Florida. However, my mom did work with a man who was on one of the planes that went into the world trade center. She saw his name come across the television screen but had to make sure it was him. So she found the info of the man online and sure enough it was him. She contacted his family and spoke to them of the incident. It was very sad.

  4. tylercurrence says:

    I remember September 11, 2001 as if it was yesterday. I was sleeping on our couch and I could hear my parents up stairs. They had a worried tone in their voice and I could tell something was happening. I went upstairs and I could not believe what I was watching. The twin towers had been hit by two planes. It was the first time I had seen my dad cry. The rest of they day was permeated by uncertainty and we all wondered what would happen next. Would there be another attack? It took long time to get over the shock of this horrific event.

  5. braddoliner says:

    Iremeber where i was on sept. 11 ,2001. i was getting back from gym class in 5th grade, my teaher mr lindtold us to sit down and hehad to tell us somthing really important. Then he told us what happend. I didnt want to belive it at first but hten when i got home from schooli saw it on all the tv channels. Some of the kids i play soccer with live in new york and were directly affected but it but i wasnt.

  6. murph10 says:

    My uncle used to work in a building that was only one block away from the world trade center and he had to cover himself under a car to protect him from all of the flying debris. H made it out okay with just a few injuries but many of his loved ones and people that he worked with didn’t survive the attacks.

  7. csmlakar09 says:

    I’ll never forget the events of September 11th. I clearly remember where I was, who I was with, what subject I was studying, and the horror that struck the country that day. I was in the middle of my science class when the principal opened the door. She immediately had all of the students walk to one classroom and take a seat on the floor. A t.v. was rolled in and quickly turned on. Everyone quiet, stunned by what we were witnessing. The clip of the 2nd plane crashing into the World Trade Center was played at least 30 times in the following 5 minutes. The students were then taken out of the classroom and school was canceled. Every time i think or hear about 9/11, this same image in my head is replayed.

  8. jhenderson7 says:

    At the moment the tragedy came on the news i was pitching a baseball game, my family and i were living in the czech republic at the time. My mom came out to the field and told the coach, the game was then cancelled and everyone went inside to the clubhouse and watched the news.I believe that on Sept. 11, 2001 everyone i was around was effected in some way by the tragedy. An air of sadness swept the world in my opinion, with the occasional middle eastern country who were probably very happy about the incident, but i just felt it the sorrow, the essence of death. My mother cried and cried and i was to young to understand what had happened. My father literally stayed up every night watching the news, just watching, and watching. I still didn’t understand. I finally understood when things cooled down and my dad sat down and explained it to me. We will never forget that sad, sad day but we will always honor the heroes and remember the victims. God Bless America

  9. ethan104 says:

    i live in manhattan but i go to school in the bronx. so when it was hit, i was freaked out, before i came here all my friends, my family, everyone i knew lived in NY so my whole life and everyones life i know were effected by it. i was at school when they told us, a lot of kids started crying, some of their parents worked there. it turned out that ones girls parent was actually killed in the attack. so they shut down school. my sister came to get me and then my mom came up to school. my brother and my dad, who saw the attack, were stuck in manhattan and couldnt leave. it was the reverse for us. we were not allowed to go home. so me and my sister and mom all went to my friends house who lives in westchester. when we got to his house the mom was not there. when she came home she was scared. she was in the lobby of the trade center when it was hit. and she was right there when it collapsed. i couldnt sleep that night. the next day we finnaly got back into the city and it was chaos. nobody knew what happened. everyone was frieking out. i had to stay inside all day. for the next few days all we did was watch tv. all trying to figure out what happened. a few months later, me and my friends went down to see the wreck, it was really emotional and moving.

  10. jmorse09 says:

    911 was a very significant and memorable day to many Americans and others around the world. It was a while ago that that event happened but the part i remember the most was watching TV the whole day and not having class.

  11. bmurray13 says:

    I don’t know anybody who was directly effected by the tragedy but I still remember the day vividly. I remember that my dad was forced to come home from his work as he worked in the tallest office tower in Canada and authorities were worried about an attack of a similar nature, therefore the building was shut down.

  12. jczinski says:

    On the morning of 9/11 I was flipping throught the channels and stopped at the news. I watched it for a couple of minutes and then my mom told me to get in the car because we were leaving. Just as I was leaving I saw a plane crash into a building. I told my mom and she let me keep watching for a little while. On the way to school i listened to the radio and heard what happened. At that time I still didn’t understand the affect of what happeded. When I got to school some parents and students were crying. My best friend was in class for a little while and was then checked out by his mom. He didn’t know what was going on ether at that time. When i got home i watched the news all day and started to understand what really happened. The next day i talked to my friend about what happened. He told me that his dad was suppose to be on that plane and that was why he was checked out early. He then told me that his dad decided to not get on the plane because he wanted to take a break before coming back home.

  13. cbirch1 says:

    i will never forget that day. eventhow i am coming from the overseas it still was a huge shock. it was my second week into my new school, and i was late, so as i was walking into the school loads of students were running around trying to find a TV. because i was quiet young i did not really know what the twin towers where. all i really was worried about were the people, in the buildings, and since my father was in the states, i was praying that he would be ok. one thing that i stays in my mind is the acusation that the twin tower were destroyed by the goverment, and it was an excuse to declaire war on Iraq. i thourth that this was redicules. but know when ever i get on a plane the idear of terrorists taking over my plane is always on my mind.

  14. walker123 says:

    i dont know anybody that died during september 11 but i do know that my dad was 40 minutes away from new york that trajic day. I still try to pray for the people that were affected. I still think about why would somebody do something like that

  15. dirkr says:

    The morning that it happened I was in school back home in Trinidad. My teacher was out of the classroom and when she returned, she told us what had happened. I did not understand how severe the incident was until i got home and watched news reports about what had happened. Even though I was not in this country it was still a very sad day for everyone. This made me realize that this was a major event for the world and not just the United States. One of my friend’s uncle had to go meet with someone in the world trade center on the morning of September 11th, 2001. However, he decided to go to lunch before going to the World Trade Center and while he was at the restaurant, he saw that a plane had crashed into the building.

  16. christinamiller123 says:

    I was at JP Igloo training in Figure Skating when that day happened. I was upstairs at school and it was only the second day of school. The worker of the snack bar came up to our classroom and told us that a plane had hit one of the world trade towers. Soo…we all agreed to go downstairs to the tv and watch it. We were all very surprised but at that time we thought it was an accident. I was watching the TV and all of a sudden I saw another plane come into the picture. The plane hit the second tower! I saw it happen! We kept watching and saw the towers fall. It was all the talk for at least a month after that day. Heck..people are still talking about it. They will always be talking about it.

  17. melh716 says:

    The day that the attackes happened my mom was supposed to go to the World Trade Center to visit her friend who worked in the building. She was sopposed to be there at 7:30-9 but she ended up not going becuase I was late for school and there was too much traffic. That one day I could not have been happier that i was late. If it wasn’ for me staying up late the night before I could have lost my mom.

  18. claytormey says:

    September 11th was horrible day. Most people have stories of people they know that were involved in it, but I dont. All I know is what I remember about that day. I was in gym class in like the 5th grade (I think) and our gym teacher gave us a very childrens version of what had happened. Then, when I got home, it hit me. What happened that day was a trajesty. 3000 American were killed and our country was at threat. I believe that we have to look at this day as a day to mourn and pray for those that died, but also as a day to be grateful that god gives us each day as a gift.

  19. blmartin says:

    September 11th is a day that the world will never forget. It was a very shocking thing that happened. It was also very scary for me because my dad is a pilot who works for BWIA Airways and at the point he was in the air on his was back for New York City that same day.
    When he got into the airport he herd the news and rushed home to see what had happened. My whole family sat down in front of the TV looking at the new for hours and was speachless. The United States of America was greatly affected after this trajedy. I personally feel that this had an affect on all of the countries around the world. The security in airports was taken to a higher level to ensure that they could limit the risk of this happeneing again. Hopefully something like this would never happen again but we never know what the future brings.

  20. jnguonly says:

    i will never forget 9-11. it was the saddest day of my life. knowing that 3000 something innocent people lost their lives that day really changed my outlook on life and my family.

  21. joanap says:

    I will never forget September 11. I remember that I was living Portugal, and I was flipping through the TV channels and decided to stop at the CNN news channel. I wasn’t really paying attention to the beginning of the new because there was nothing really important on, or nothing that I hadn’t heard before. All of sudden I saw a plane crash into a building. I called my mom immediately, and we down and watched it. We saw the 2 planes crash into the Twin Towers, and the one plane crash in the Pentagon. I didn’t really understand what had happened in the beginning until they went further into detail, and my mother explained it to me. I was really shocked when I saw. I was thinking who, and why would you do such a thing. Can you imagine 3000 people were killed, and the USA became a target and was threatened. Even though it happened in the USA, it has affected all of the countries, because people from all over the world were working or were present at the Twin Towers that day. One of my teacher’s friends was in the Twin Towers that day, but she managed to escape. She said it was the most horrible thing in her life, she would see people burning, jumping out of windows, crying for help, and saying their last words before they died, it was awful. I sure hope that something like this will never happen again.

  22. jjthornhill says:

    9-11 happened when I was 10 years old. I didnt really know what was going on because my school was kind of vague about it. Then I got home, and saw what had happened on television I started to reallize how serious this was. Even though 9-11 was not a positive experience, I think the event made us stronger in many ways, including security and patriotism.

    P.S.- my moms birthday is on 9-11

  23. rebeccagraff says:

    My dad called my mum that my siblings and I shouldn´t watch tv, beacuse of the terrible attack against World Trade Center. Actually my father was up in the air from New York to South America while it happened. When my mum had inofrmed us about the tragedy she allowed to see the news about the terrible attack. We were worried when my dad was going to fly back to New York beacuse it was only about two weeks after the attack.

  24. jordanrizzo90 says:

    September 11th was a horrible day in americas history. I was in 5th grade and i had went into the office with my dad to say hello to everyone. It was on the tv about the cabinet and the first tower had just gotten hit. I was horribly sad the entire day because i am an extremely patriotic person and the fact that someone would be so cowardly as to kill 3,000 innocent american eats me up inside. Pray for all the victim and their families

  25. kanhai330 says:

    I came home from school at three thirty, feeling tired and grumpy after a bad day at school. I dropped my bag down and went to watch some TV. I didn’t know anything about the whole crisis yet until the phone rang. My dad screamed on the phone, four little words that shook my heart. He said “Turn TV on, quick”! I quickly shut the phone down and turned on to CNN. As an eleven year old, I was scared and petrified of what was happening. However, I didn’t have much knowledge on the twin towers; I thought they were two random towers. I didn’t move a muscle and was frozen watching the TV. As I caught some air, I ran down and screamed with all my might to call my mother. She came into the room talking with her friend on the other line and as her eyes hit the TV she immediately cut the phone and was stunned at the situation. Over and over, for at least an hour we watched two planes hit the twin towers.

  26. fateh1 says:

    September 11th was a horrible day and no one will ever forget this day. No one from my family was affected as everyone from my family was in india and i remember i was going out for dinner with my family and just when we were about to leave my dad switched on the t.v and we saw this horrible incident.

  27. jiganti says:

    I live on the west coast. September 11th, 2001, I woke up and it was the second week of school, about 6:45am. I vividly remember walking downstairs and walking into the kitchen to where my Dad was watching TV. A plane had hit one of the two World Trade Centers. They were talking about it as if it was an accident, postulating as to what went wrong.

    But then the story changed within five seconds. You could hear from inside the newsroom “Oh my god, there’s another one!”. A second plane went soaring and I saw it live, crashing into the other Tower. I’ve never experienced anything remotely like it, newspeople are usually orderly and professional, but reporting about such a situation, live, was too much for them to handle.

  28. stephenkimsey says:

    I remember walking to art from my 5th grade class room while I saw abuncha people huddled around a TV and looking it with amazed faces. My art teacher came in the room and was crying. My classmates and I had no idea what was going on.Once we got back to the regular class room my teacher told us what had happened and from that point on every 5th grade class had to start memorizing patriootic songs.

  29. taeheunglim says:

    I remember 2001 9/11 it was three day after i started golf. and i was camping by the river with my golf friends in Korea. My coach told me there is war going on. Then i watched news and it said two air plain hit the World Trade Center. I thought that was a movie. Icould not beleive it and my coach told me that World War 3 will begin. I feel bad for who died from that event and I hope them REST IN PEACE

  30. tomtomtomtomtom says:

    ON 9/11 I was in BC and I didn’t have cable at the time. So I was listening on the radio. I knew it was big news but I didn’t understand how big it was until I watched it at my friends place. I was 11 and i had no idea about anything in america. So ofcouse i never heard of the trade centre.

  31. mikeholmes says:

    I don’t know anyone who was affected, but I do remember the day that it happened. I remember that I was in 4th grade and class had just gotten started, when our teacher said that planes had crashed into the world trade center. At the time i had no idea that it was a planned act of terror. I thought it was just an accident. But when I got home from school, I found out about everything that had happened while I was at school and was shocked.

  32. patrickwaugh says:

    I do not know anyone that died on 9/11 but I do know that this is probably one of the most tragic incidents that happened in the US. When I was at school that day the 6th teacher said that a plane had crashed into the world trade center, but I didn’t know what was going on until I got home. When I got home I turned on the television and on the news channel they had videos showing of what had happened. That day is a day to remember.

  33. isaline says:

    I only know one story about the 9/11, and i know it was a tragic day , but here goes not a funny but ironic story. Was the first story where “Smoking saves a life”, this portugues guy went to work at 8h00 to the 115 floor, he drank his coffee and went back to work. After a couple of minutes later he decided he wanted to smoke a cigarette. Because the twin towers were a non smoking buldings he went down and outside to smoke a cigarete. Lucky him, it was a that exact moment when the plane hit the tower he worked in.

  34. eaoki says:

    I don’t really know about September 11th to be honest.
    I was in Japan at that time and I was still young.
    All I knew was that two planes crashed into the World Trade Center.
    Although I think it was and still remains one of the worst and the most sadest events.
    When I think about the people who were effected in this accident, I think it was very unfair for them.

  35. joaocamargo says:

    I don’t know anyone who was affected but, it was a disaster for this country, many families have suffered and no one will forget this tragedy.
    Those victims had nothing to do with the situation.

  36. abelvarnadore says:

    I don’t have a story of anyone involved in sept 11, but i do feel saddened by what happend. A group of radical muslims attacked and killed Innocent people for what they call “religon”. It was a horrible day for America, but it made it stronger. For the months after the attacks people were again reunited. Unlike now, there were no democrat republican battles all over the place, there wasn’t any lack of support everyone was one as a country. So to me the terriorist organizations failed in their attack on America. It only again awoken the most powerfull nation on earth, and we are now going after terriorist and like bush promised on the night of sept, we are hunting down and killing/capturing terrorist or anyone that supports them.

  37. marcrichard says:

    9/11 was a very tragic day in the history of America. I don’t know anyone who was directly affected by the event. I remember when I was in 6th grade and the teacher talked about the event, but I didn’t understand anything until I got home and watched the news for hours straight in shock.

  38. mastronardi says:

    9/11 was such a horrible day in the world. many lifes were killed thanks to terrorism that was caused by the middle east. It was hard for me to understand as an 11 year old i didnt know what was going on, and why it happened. I asked a lot of questions to try and understand but still didnt. As i get older it makes a lot more sense of why they did it.

  39. zsteinberger says:

    9/11 was an awful day for the United States and will never be forgotten by anyone. Children a hundred years from now will know about it and will probably touch their lives as it has mine. I know when it happened I was too young to really understand but now that I’m older i realize that what i saw first period when in walked in to see my English teacher crying watching the television is very serious. One of my sisters good friends was on one of the flights that ran into the World Trade Center so i will never forget the days I had helping her get through it and understand what was happening. I know she will never forget it and neither will I.

  40. mareksiwy says:

    Awful day.My grandfather was in New york,when it happened. Our whole family was absolutelly shocked.We were really afraid if our grandfather is allright also we really felt sorry about all that people who dided that day.Grandfather didn´t get hurt.
    I really hate all terorists ,and agree with Bush’s politic. I will never forget that day

  41. sadie011 says:

    That day was a really upseting day for everyone. I remember i was in 5th grade math class, when a teacher came in and told us that planes had just crashed into the Twin Towers. We all got to leave early to be with our faimilies. Till this day i will never forget the afftect that 9-11 had caused on America.

  42. luis9050 says:

    I was to young to know what was going on at that time, all the videos from Osama and everything, but that day after I finished with school my mom was talking with my dad about that, I was so confuse because I thought that it was an accident but after my mom explained me everything I was more confuse than ever, actually I was afraid at the same time becuase the news talked about a World War 3. I am not goint to forget that day.

  43. filippopoma says:

    I was very young to know what was going on and since im not from here i didnt know the actual importance of the event, when people asked me about in school the only thing i replied was i dont know what to say just to seem in shock. Now that im older it makes better sense of why it happend but i thinl that it is still not justified that so many people geting killed for fun.

  44. abdulsihag says:

    The day thet September 11th happened i was sitting at my house, it was around late afternoon, I was in Kenya which is different time zone and was watching a movie when I accidently changed the channel and saw the twin towers then saw the second plane come in.

  45. philiplea says:

    September 11th was very tragic, I remember I was in my first year of high school and my mom picked me up right when it happened. She thought world war 3 was about to begin.

  46. andrewg23 says:

    What can i say, i was siiting at home in Australia and when we all went home after school everyone turned on the news and was watching for hours in disbelief. it was a shocking moment that turned the world upside down. When we came over to America the following year we went and saw some friend in Del Ray in California and it was so hard not to mention 9/11 and i didn’t want to as their son was in the plane that went into the pentagon. it was so sad to walk into their house with the flag and their son’s photos all around the house with his medals of honor. I shed a tear when i saw the photos.

  47. lexare24 says:

    After September 11 I had a really hard time coping with what at happened. I was in 5th grade and couldn’t understand why the terrorists would do such a thing, but at the same time I fully understood the magnitude of it all. I heard about people going to New York to help out at Ground Zero, and people who were donating their blood and I realized that I wanted to help out somehow too. My parents own an art gallery so I decided to create an fundraiser art show with paintings and drawings from kids in my class. We called it Art From the Heart. I told my fifth grade class about it and then before I knew it, within a week, the whole school was in on it. My elementary school had about 200 kids in it and more that 160 kids contributed. Everyone was given 5×8 pieces of matboard and was told they could make as many pieces as they wanted about anything they wanted. Some of the pieces were butterflies and bunnies, while others represented some deeper feelings pertaining to the attacks. In the end, we ended up raising over $2000. I chose Ladder Company 3 as my fund, because they lost more than 50% of their fire-fighters in the attacks and their aftermath. I actually got to go to New York in February 2002 and visit the surviving firefighters of the company. It was one of the most amazing and gratifying experiences I have ever had.
    9/11 is the most devastating thing to happen in my lifetime. But what followed it was probably one of the most amazing things. I have never been a part of something before where that many people have come together, all hurting in the same way and all seeking some sort of answers and relief. It was truly an experience that I will never forget.

  48. miapiccio says:

    i was in the house that time… it was already sept 12 in the Philippines and i was absent for school because i was sick. i was just a “kid ” then. i was really shoked when that happened. i was in New York that spring and my dad said that we’ll go in there next time because we don’t have time anymore… so sad… there’s no next time for me..

  49. michael19913 says:

    911. Although i wasn’t in america in that day but i knew this news by TV i know how sad it was. It made so many people pass out and the world trade center destroyed. This is such a horrible day for all the american i fell really sorry to this tragedy hope deceased can be really happy in the heaven.

  50. trubino says:

    9/11 was a very gruesome day. I did not know anyone that has died in the attack but it has effected our country. There is alot of American familys that have lost a family member or friend either in the 9/11 attach or in the middle east fighting the middle east. I think that it has made our country alot stronger and safer. At every airport now the security checks extra carefully to prevent weapons aloud onto planes.

  51. josh07 says:

    9-11-01 was a very tradgic day for everyone. It affected the world. I thought it was going to be a World War III. I remember I was in 5th grade and I was in english class. The teacher brought in a t.v and everyone was all happy because we thought we were going to watch a movie. Next thing I know she turns it on and we saw planes crashing into buildings and stuff. It had to be one of the most devistating days of my life.

  52. marcus242 says:

    I remember exactly where i was when 9/11 occured. I was in the middle of a 6th grade class disccusion. About half an hour after it happened an American parent came into our classroom and infromed us of the tragedy and that her husband could of been the pilot. The classroom was very scared and worried. School was let out early. I felt very bad for the victims families and friends. IT made me thankful for what i have.

  53. taeheunglim says:

    I was 12 years old when I heared Al Qaeda people hit the World Trade Center with two air plain. I thought that event was movie when i saw in the news. I had no idea about why? they did that bad things to America. Also I was very surprised by how many people died in that event and how it’s going to change the history. Many people in Aisa thought there will be Wrold War 3.
    It caused many other problems such as war in Iraq. I personally think 9/11 shouldn’t happen because it wasn’t right way to solve the what ever problems they were trying to solve.

  54. frizzibschorer says:

    I don’t know anyone who was effected or anything personal on that day. Because I was in germany that time and too young. I was a bit hooked on TV series and after school (from here to germany are 6 hours difference of time) I went in my room and wanted to watch TV. When I turned on the TV I saw a plane crashing into a building and thought it was the wrong telestation. So I tried to change the programm but it came again and again. It was for me as a little girl like a horror film. For the rest of the world, wasn’t it a film, but still horror. And there was a man holding a speech (I didn’t know that it was the president because I couldn’t speek english). When I realized that there was something wrong I asked my family and they tried to explain me but I didn’t really understand and I didn’t understand that something like this can be reality. Today I know that it was reality and feel sorry for those who were affected. But I still don’t understand why someone can do that. I would think, nobody who is in one’s right mind could do anything like this. Even if it was a shock for the USA it had made them being stronger and safer.

  55. maxxx13 says:

    I consider myself extremely lucky when it comes to 9/11. My family is terribly lucky because on 9/11 my aunt had a business meeting in the World Trade Centre the morning of 9/11. She was unable to go though because of a last minute complication with my grandmother who needed to be rushed to emergency. In her place, a man named Charles went. When the first plane hit, Mr. Charles had arrived and was in the building. G-D rets his soul because he did not survive that day. I find it to be a blessing inside a curse that my aunt did not attend her meeting that day!

  56. charliecaris says:

    When the World Trade Centers were flown into, I was in my fifth grade class. I remember hearing vague rumors throughout the day about something serious, and I remember teachers looking uneasy, but our principal never made a public announcement, not wanting to scare fifth graders. That day, my dad came to pick me up early from school so that he could tell me what happened. Also, he said: “son, this will be one of those days where people will ask you, where were you on 9/11, so remember it.” If he hadn’t said that, I probably would have forgotten the whole day. After I got home, I watched all the news coverage and the looped tapes of the planes flying into the buildings for the rest of the day.

  57. leorgomez says:

    I have an aunt that lives in New York… She wasn’t directly affected but I think that everybody’s life, not only in United States, has changed. After 9/11 the world has created a kind of racism against muslim. You can see the difference when there’s a muslim walking on the street. People look at him scared, they cross the street thinking he has a bomb hidden under his clothes.

  58. peturfreyr says:

    I don´t know nobody that was in one way or another affected be it. I just think that this was a horrible day for the U.S. Seeing this on the news when I came home it just took my a long time to understand what just happend, I just could not believe that something that terrible had just happend.

  59. samkoonce says:

    September was a day I will never forget. I was in 5th grade at South Elementary School in Hingham, Massachusetts. We were told that 2 planes had drove over the World Trade Centers and dropped bombs onto them. At 12 we were released from school being so close to NYC. When I got home is when I realized what had actually happened and realized how scary and awful it was. The next day you could see the smoke from the towers in the sky and my dad was off work for 3 days.

  60. christinae says:

    On the Septemer 11th I was in Sweden and I had just gotten back from school. When I came home my parents were intensely watching the news on the TV. I saw vidoes too of how the two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. It was a pretty long time ago now and I was only like 10 years old when it happened so I don’t think I realized how serious it actually was. None of my friends or family or people that I knew of was effected and I could not even imagine how horrible it must have been for them to loose someone they love in that way.

  61. michaelx says:

    OK. I am in History class right now. Today is September 11. 6 Years ago on this day the World Trade Centers were attacked. I remember exactly where I was, and what I was doing. I remember being in fifth grade. All different teachers kept coming into my room and whisering in my tezchers ear. She just kept gasping so I was interested . Then a little while later the principal of my school came into my class room. he asked us who’s parents worked in the city and where did they work. I remembering I raised my hand as did 1 other boy. He asked us where our parents worked in the city. I said that my father worked in the World Trade centers as an investment banker/ stockbroker at the time. I just remember that he started to right it down and as soon as I said World Trade Centers he stopped what he was doing and just stared straight at me. I will never forget the look he gave me because it was right in my eyes. Then after a good thrity seconds he looked away. About 1 hr later I was called down to the front office. My mother was there waiting for me. She picked me up with my best friends mother and told me that my father was ok. She said he did not go into the city today but instead decided to blow off all of his meetings and stay and work out in the gym with my friends father. I remember that day like it was yesterday. My father lost a lot of people that he worked with and knew for so many years. I remember my mom saying it was a terrorist attack. I had no idea what a terrorist was up until that day. I went home and sat in front of the television for the rest of the day trying to figure out what was going on. GOD BLESS ALL THOSE WHO WERE AFFECTED BY THAT DAY!

  62. shaaz says:

    I was in India when 9/11 occured and did not know much about it at first. But as i gathered information i realised what a travesty had occured.I was at first amazed at how two airplanes striking in the middle of a building so large could bring it down but when i began to hear the tales of the people who had suffered i began to understand that this was a huge event in the history of the United States

  63. felipegouvea says:

    In this day i was a little confused when i first heard the news imagening how could a plane crash into that building. wouldn’t it be easy for the pilot to change the route if something bad was happening to the plane? So i just kept hearing the news at live about the accident when i saw the second plane crashing in the building again. i was schocked. Before that i couldn’t realize that it was on purpose and after that i couldn’ t realize how could someone do what was happening, and only five years later i would finally understand why that happened, and when i understood i just remembered the first time that i saw the plane crashing and how i was shocked in the first time such i was in that moment and as the years pass we can see by all the cerimonies how big was this tragic event to the USA history that affected every single person and that’s why it will never be forgotten

  64. ambry242 says:

    i didnt have anyone who was effected by september 11th, but i knoe feeling of loosing someone, because i have lost both my grand fathers who was close to me. i was playing my vedio game when i heard my mother crying and i was really confused why she was crying, so i ask her what happened and she said ” a plane crashed into the twin towers where your uncle lives and he might have been one of those people who have died.” My whole family was callin see if they could reach him but no one could. the whole family was getting worried because they couldn’t hear from him. i turned on the tv and all over the new is about this plane crashing into the twin tower killin alot of people. finaly after about 3 hours we finally heard for him and he was a good distance from where it happened so he was very lucky that he didnt get catch in it. so that is how i knew about september 11th

  65. ddevilla says:

    6 years ago, i didnt really understand how the world was affected by this tragic event. but now, when i look back and think about what really happened, it just scares me. ive watched a lot of videos about 9/11. ive done a bit of research too. its just so appaling to remember that day.

  66. dicoganinduto says:

    6 years ago. I was in Indonesia and I realize that WTC tragic is affected to the world. It effected to the world because its the tallest building in the states. more than 5000 people died in that tragic. There are so many different story about how they crash the plane to the building and I know some of them.

  67. stephieritchey says:

    Six years ago when 9/11 happed, I was homeschooled. My mom, brother, and I where in our little room doing math when my dad stormed in and yelled that an airplane crashed into the world trade center. We ran into the house and as soon as we turned the TV on the first thing we saw was the second airplane hit the tower and later the tower collapsed. School was canceled for my brother and I that day. My dad called my grandfather and my family in the U.S to make sure everyone was OK. We all sat and watched the news, tears rolled down my face. It was definatly a day I will never forget.

  68. cassandrak says:

    I remember being on my way back from school, and I got a phone call from my mom. I was ten years old at that time so I did not really understand why when my mom told me and my sister to hurry home and turn the news on tv on.
    In school the next day we were only talking about this and the mood in the class was very depressed. No one I know got hurt in the tragedy, but my mom knew people over here that got friends and family that got affected.
    I think that even thought you’re not from the U.S you still got affected. Not only with feeling, but also when you want to travel there you get reminded of it. All the security questions they ask you makes you think of what happend. I think that no one will ever forget what happend that day.

  69. josesierra says:

    I was in my english class I remeber when they asked for all the students to go to the authitorioum. Every single student startin from 6th grade were there. We start praying for them.

  70. eduardochavez123 says:

    I remember that I was getting ready for school and I tunred on the TV and I saw the footage of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center. It was a very strange day at school that day. Our teachers discussed what was happening in New York and I was young so I knew, but my understanding of the situation was not vey clear. As far as people that I knew that were affected, a girl who I went to school with, last her father in the horrific tragedy. The mood of the school was very depessing for a couple of weeks.

  71. carolyndrogt says:

    No one in my family was directly affected by September 11, 2001 because we all live in MInnesota; however, I still remember that day and the impact it had all over the country. I was in my 4th grade english class when the overhead speaker alerted an emergency assembly in the Nicholson Center. Once we got there, the teacher told us that three planes had crashed and we would all be going home early. It wasn’t until my mom and I watched the news later that day that I fully understood what had happened.

  72. richbaerga says:

    September 11th, 2001. I was in 4th grade and my teacher was called out of the room by the principal. Then, she brought in a tv, and put on the news. At first I didnt know what was happening. Until I saw the towers. I had been on the top of them only a month earlier on August 11th. I began to worry because I new my mom worked in the city, but I didnt know where. My teacher called my mom from the classroom and reassured me that she was ok. The rest of te day was very quite in school, and even when I got home.

  73. brookestephens says:

    September 11 was a terrible tragedy. I remember I had just waken up, and I was getting ready for school. My babysitter turned on the television and we watched the news on what was happening in New York. At first I was confused, because I was so young. I didn’t understand what was happening. However, I eventually understood. I still remember how I felt to know that many people were affected by September 11. That day was very sad, and even though I did not know anyone who died or anyone who lost someone, September 11 was still a horrific day to me, and many other people.

  74. mariabgarcia says:

    I im not very related with 9/11 because im Mexican but I understand the importance of it, Americans see it like a memorable day because I remembered it was awaful. I remebered that i was in fifth grade and everyone in school was talking about it, people were shocked. My parents saw the news all day long but they actually didnt take any position about it. I felt sorry that moment for all that inocent people that lost their life. I really hope this wouldnt repeat again.

  75. mammaturo says:

    On the morning of September 11th my mom called me to come downstairs, the tv was on and it kept replaying the attack. Even though I no longer lived in New York i still felt like it had effeced me jus as much as anyone else. I saw the buildings fall down over and over again on the tv and it was engraved in to my head. Every picture you see that is related to 9/11 the people are sad and most of the time crying. Like the picture of the guy above. My sister showed me a picture of her friend who was a firefighter that was sent to New York. In the picture he had tears coming down his face. Every time you see a photo like that you can’t help it not to see how sad people are.

  76. michaelreedmc says:

    September 11… There’s been so publicity on the Irag war and how we are fighting back for what happened, that we forget about all of the young, talented people who were unnecessarily killed in the crash. 6 Years ago I remember seeing that crash in slow motion, the fires, and the onlookers being assaulted with glass and debris. It made me, along with 523,736,000 other people scared of the sudden, appalling truth that someone would take their own life and take the lives of 2,974 in the process.

  77. jimmyoneill says:

    When September 11 happened I was in 5th grade. My teacher came out and said we couldnt go out to recess. It was suuch a tragedy and I will never forget it. I remember my mom telling me that my uncle was working that day, but luckily he had just went out for like a early lunch/breakfast. I still remember till this day what I was doing and I didnt really understand what was happening then, but now I know.

  78. armandod says:

    I can remember that day with a lot of detail. I was in the 5th grade and I remember that when I entered the class many kids were talking about what they say and heard about it. The teacher explained what happened but since we were really young we didn’t understand very well how and why it happened. I remember that the principal of the school made us go to the patio and take a minute of silence for the ones who were affected. I will never forget that day and I feel sorry for the people who were involved.

  79. taylorwest627 says:

    I remember 9/11 perfectly. I was in third grade and I was in the middle of my class when our principle came into the room to tell us what had just happened. This was one of the scariest moments of my life because even though I lived in North Carolina, my dad did and still does commute to New York because he is a corporate lawyer in the city. I remember the second I got out of school I ran about a mile and a half instead of riding the bus because I wanted o know if my dad was alright because he flew into New York that day. When I got home I was sweating and I saw my mom standing by the TV in shock. Thankfully it was not my father’s flight and he was fine. It was definitely the scariest day of my life. I did know people who died. In my town in New Jersey eleven people died. I didn’t know all them but I did know one person very well. One of my mom’s best friends husband worked in the World Trade Centers and died that day. It was very sad because when he knew he could not get out of the building he left a message on their house phone telling his family he loved them all. It was tragic day for me and was a tragic day for America.

  80. florianmoehnle says:

    I’m from Germany and at the 11 September when I came home from school I saw the tragedy on every TV screen I walked over. I remembered the horrible pictures and videos who appeared in every Tv channel and every hour another horrible announcement. I did not know anyone who was involved in the tragedy but I remembered that even 2 days later even everyone in germany was shocked.

  81. carlossomoza says:

    I will never forget 9/11/2001 and the days to follow. I was a little fifth grade runt living in Houston, Texas, my cousin was living in NYC and not really knowing what was happening that day i went about it like any other day, but when my dad came to pick me up with a look I will never forget I knew something was wrong. I had no idea that what had happened I was shocked and terrified. My family finally got in touch with my cousin who was safe and out of harms way.

  82. jakubv says:

    As a slovak, my opinion is not affected by loosing family or friends, relatives or someone else. But i dont think that what tv said is completly true, i think there is something behind.

  83. laurenforopoulos says:

    September 9, 2001, was a day I’ll never forget. I was a fourth grader at the time, so I was too young to really completely understand what happened that day, but I understood that terrorists had hit the twin towers killing thousands of people. I remember that my teacher had run out of the room because the principal had come over the intercom saying that terrible tradegy had occured in New York. She ran back into the room crying and turned on the TV for us to watch what had happened. When I came home that day, my mom was crying. She was worried that my uncle had been on the plane that hit one of the towers. He was supposed to be on the plane from Boston to Los Angeles. I was really worried because we could not reach him for a long time, but when we finally did, we learned that his meeting in Los Angeles had been cancelled. He was not on that plane. I very thankful that no one in my family was harmed by the attack.

  84. sarahofmann says:

    September 11th has personally not effected me, except of a big shock. I just know a guy, that worked rigth accros the street and he has seen it. I think at that time i was still in 4th grade, and it was my friends birthday. It kind of ruined the day. Then they made us have a silent moment in class for a couple of times for the dead people.
    And for the next month that was everything that the people on TV were talking about.

  85. gonzaloasis says:

    Thinking about 9/11 makes feel very sad. Every time someone talks about it or there’s a silent minute like yesterday at school, it makes me shudder. All those innocent people killed beecause of political and religious discrepancies… it’s the most inmoral thing that someone can do. I just hope that the people that organised the attack can’t sleep, knowing what they did to people working there, to their families and to a whole country.

  86. eyglomyrra says:

    All America was effected by this terrible event. I remeber this day like it happend yesterday. I was in school when I heard about this. My teacher told the class that one of the two biggest buildings in the world had been attacked and fallen in NYC. We lighted some candles and had a silent minute. Everybody had tears in their eyes.
    As soon as I got home from school I turned on the TV and watched the news all day. When I think back about all the people that had died makes me feel sad. I feel sorry about all the families that lost a family member.

  87. muziqiu says:

    9/11 was probably one of the most memorable days of most people’s lives. The World Trade Center has been attacked by terrorism. At the moment I had just turned 10 and had no idea about the importance of that building, and let alone the fact that all those people died without an aparent reason. Also the 9/11 event also took it personally on me, it affected the rest of my life. From when I was 1 to when I was 9 everybody would wish me happy birthday. But from that year on things would never be the same, for the rest of my life I will have to hear: “I’m sorry”.

  88. charlottedupont100 says:

    I remember walking into my parent’s room on the morning of 9/11, and I saw my grandparents and Dad hovering around the TV; I didn’t understand what had happened and why it had. I could here my Mom on the phone in the other room, I slowly opened the door to say hi, to see here eyes filled with tears and her face blotchy and red. I went over and sat down by her legs while she talked and I listened in attempt to try and pickup what was making her cry.

    I later found out that her cousin Steve Lang, whom she’d been close with all her adolescence had worked at the World Trade Center for a sum of years. The day it was bombed he did not die, nor was he even there. His alarm clock had not gone off that morning and he had been running late. He missed it by about an hour…

  89. msanchez13 says:

    I remember on the day of 9/11 my classmates and I watched the news unfold as the attacks took place. We were in a high school at the time because our elementary school was being renovated. I remember the whole class being fascinated by what was happening, also because there were T.V.s in our classrooms at the high school we were staying at for the time our elementary school was being rebuilt, and of course our actual school did not have them. We starred into the screen wondering what was going on, of course being in grade 4, I didn’t quite understand what was behind all of these attacks and why someone would ever think of doing something so horrifying. None of my family members or friends were taken that day (of course because we are from a different country) but my prayers and sympathy go out to all who were affected on such a horrific day.

  90. julestras says:

    i remember the day of 9/11. I was at school in france and it was a normal day, a typical day. it was around 4pm at school when a teacher enter in our class. she was looking very shoked and immediatly we understood that she had a bad news for us. she said: ‘few minutes ago 2 planes hit
    the world trade center in new-york city”. so we were very shocked and immediatly we did a silent minute for all of victims of this attack. just after this minute we went to watch the news and we saw planes hit the towers it was unbelievible. i was not directly concerned by this attack but at this time i wanted to go to save people who were in this towers.it was an horrible attack from ben laden and i hope that he and his team will pass the rest of their life midew in a prison and i hope that one day terrorism will be abolished.

  91. katerinaprorokova says:

    September 11th, a day when it happened one of the greatest catastrophe. I’m from Czech Republic. It’s quite far from this place, so I didn’t know anybody, who was attacked. Though, this day was very sad for me. When I switched on TV, almost every channel televised something about this horrible disaster. Everywhere I sow lot of pictures or videos of crying people. It was very tearful, especially for the families that lost a family member. Their lives were changed during few minutes. I feel sorry about these families.

  92. mazzellaseles says:

    I was there in the world trade center on 9/10. It is so strange becouse we were there taking pictures wih the towers in the background. I was in the thred grade, there were teachers crying and people floking to the tv. What a reall tragedy. Ill never forget when I saw the second tower fall on tv. It was one of the worst feelings ever. I cant imagine the fear in newyorkers hearts.

  93. semverbeek says:

    I remember coming back from school, when our neighbor shouted at us that we had to turn on the TV. Well, we did and we zapped through to CNN, at the very moment the second plane crashed into the building. We were all shocked, and we were like: “What the hell just happened?” We didn’t even know what was going on. But later on we knew what was happening. The next day that was the only thing we talked about at school. Even the teachers didn’t feel like teaching.
    I hope the criminals who did this are in prison for a long, long time. And may all the victims rest in Peace.

  94. breaure says:

    Having already lived in Switzerland for 5 years, I didin’t really know what the Twin Towers were, and I certainly didn’tm know the importance of seeing them fall. I remember the day I saw them falling on t.v. I was faking sick that day so I wouldn’t have to go to school. I was watching cartoons when my brother came home at midday, he came rushing in saying that the teachers had let him out early. He immediately changed the channel to the news and said that the twin towers had been crashed into. I remember saying “what are the twin towers”. When i saw the news I was amazed to see what was happening. I don’t really know anyone who was affected by this event, however my parents are friends with people who were friends of the men who crashed the plane in a different place than the intended target on united 93.

  95. gromein says:

    9/11 changed my mentality on how i viewd the world. being in 4th grade i still viewd the world as a peaceful and happy place. This was due to not having anything to prove my reasoning wrong. Only days after the attack i began to get aggresive whenever the subject aroused as a conversation either at school or at home. It realy got me pissed off. I started to begin cursing at whoever the attackers were, and saying awful thoughts towards them. It brought a rage out of me that i never new i had, but now being older i realize it brought out my inner evil. I realized this after reading Lord of the flies. In the story they also have to struggle with the war going on outside and also the war between each other. This made it very clear to me why i felt the way i did at the time. I wounder if having experienced that horrific event at such young age was a good or bad thing for me.

  96. dillonmoyer says:

    On the morning of the terrible tragedy, I woke up and my mom was waching the news. She said that a plane had ran into the world trade center. I was in fourth grade so I didn’t even know what the world trade center was. I thought that I was dreaming. My mom then said “I can’t believe this is happening in our country!” I’ll never forget she said that. Americans never expected anything like this to ever happen. Now it is like we are just waiting for something bad to happen again.

  97. johnnygant says:

    I remember the day of 9/11 better than most days that I have experienced. That morning I stayed home from school sick, i was with my aunt who was visiting from Connecticut. We didn’t know anything had happened until my neighbor came over in a frantic manner. She informed us of the news, and immediatley we turned on the T.V. Just as we turned it on they were streaming live as the second plane collided into the second building. I remember observing my aunt’s expression as she watched the building she had been so accustomed to have a plane collide into it. Later I would find out that she had friends working in one of the towers as well. There were few words said after we watched the second of the two towers fall to the ground. At that point we didn’t know how to react, we just called friends and family, then continued on our day.

  98. nicktorrance says:

    I can’t believe that september 11, 2001 was 7 years. It seemed like just yesterday that this horrible disater struck the USA. I remember coming into my 4th grade class and seeing that my teacher had the tv on which never happened so i knew something was up and i went over to the tv and couldn’t believe what i saw. Being young at the time i didn’t know how important the world trade center was and barely even knew it was in New York but all i saw was a giant building with a big fire and knew something was wrong and thats when i asked my teacher and he told me what happened.

  99. miguelmannella says:

    I remenber the day of 9/11 a lot I was in a cruis I remenber that whene I woke up I saw in the ty that the top if the north tower was on fire I saw the smoke and I told my dad what movie was that because at the beginig I thoght that it was a movie then my dad told me that it wasen’t a movie it was real life then i could’t believe it wath i was watchin, I spend the hold day in the horrow that the world suffer that day. An it really showd that there is people out there that just want to see the world suffer.

  100. julialistennis says:

    How could anyone forget the day of 9/11? The day the world Trade Center’s crumbled to the ground will be remembered for centuries and the images of the second plane crashing into the towers will be engraved in our minds for as long as we subsist. I remember the place, my surrounding the people I was with when the catastrophic event happened. I recall my mother and grandparents overwhelmed as they watched the towers unfold. I was almost too young to understand the seriousness of the events, I remember asking my mom what was happening but too shaken to answer all I could hear was the TV. September 11th a day bow our heads to the innocent that perished, loved ones, friends and family who were disturbed by the events.

  101. vanis787 says:

    I’m really sorry about those people ,who have died. But if we really think about that, that’s only one attack in the USA from another country. I’m not saying it’s ok, it’s not ,but I just want you to think about this…

  102. chandmek says:

    i remember when 9/11 happened clearly. i got home from school and all i saw on all the channels on tv was news of what just happened. i at the time didnt think much of it because i didn’t know the gravity of the situation and what actually happened but some of the imgaes that were shown on australian news channels really touched me emeotionally like family memebers who had lost loved ones when the buildings collapsed. Some never gave up hope in finding their loved ones. There were also children who were about my age who were left mother or fatherless because of the tradgedy. A couple weeks after that my 4th grade teacher asked us if we would want to write to some kids in america about what happened. Now that im older i realise the seismic changes it brought to this country on a day that’ll never be forgotten

  103. nathantaylor118 says:

    The day the plane crashed into the towers i was in primary school. I was so young it never really meant anything to me. But when i became a student of Mr Kennedy and i was given this assignment, it really opened my eyes to the horror that accrued that day. Before i was to blind to see, but now understand why some of the citizens of the United States wanted to go to war with Iraq . Even though i am not an American, as i watched the videos and heard the screams of the on lookers it made me angry. But as the mature adult i am i can control my emootions . The U.S has gotten there revenge and should back out of Iraq. ….. ASAP

  104. andreesime says:

    According to the comments, mainly composed of sadness and memories, I can notice that this event affected as much American as non American people. I’m not Amercian so I received the news by T.V. This day all the channels were showing the same thing, the crash and the towels wich were falling down. I was young so I did not understand the big impact of this event, but I watched the t.v all the day. I can even remember people’s cries.Honestly, this event is one of the most horrible event never happened to America, however it did not make me cry or feel sad. Strangely,this event has not left its marks on me even if it was horrible.

  105. laceyb says:

    September 11th 2001 was probably one of the most if not the most devistating thing to happen to America. I can remember on that day, I was in fourth grade and we were about to go to recess when the principal came on the loudspeaker and told us we could not go out. Being fourth grades we thought what was so important that we had to miss recess for it. Little did we know that this tragic thing had just happened to our country. When I went home that day I was still a little confused about what had happened and can just remember watching tv and how they kept replaying the video of the planes flying into the towers. Thankfully none of my family lives in New York or worked in the Twin Towers. My prayers and condolences go out to those who had family and friends that they lost on that tragic day.

  106. ovechkindanil says:

    I do not have any friends who were effected… I lived in Russia that time, so i just know that two planes collapsed into Twin towers. It is really horrible, because they were the tallest building in the world. Terrorists wanted to show that they have the decision what to do with the world. That scares people till today. I heard that people were in shock for years.

  107. fabiokormann says:

    The first time I heard about the tragedy was over the radio in the car pool after basketball practise. I was 10 years old so I couldn’t really imagine how bad the degree of damage was. When I come home I saw my family sitting in front of our television and nobody took any notice of me. That was the first moment I understood that it happened something awful.
    There were even some people in Germany who thought that the horror scenario of a third World War could become true.
    It is also weird that my parents were on the World Trade Center exactly one year and one day before the assassination.
    So I am very thankful that my parents weren’t untouched.

  108. lazygirjl says:

    Thank God nobody i know was affected in this horrible tragedy but i know certainly that everybody in America and World was emotionally affected. I still remember clearly of the time when this happened and i was only like 8 years old. I was still studying in Hong Kong at that time and i was about to sleep when i heard my mom swearing the first time in her life. Now, it is extremely rare that she would be so unlady-like and since whenever me or my brother swore she would hit our hands i ran into her room, wanting to hit her hands. when i got in the room, i saw her sitting in front of the TV with my dad, astonished and with their mouths opened, she pointed at the TV and i sat beside her. It takes a lot for my mom to cry i thought. Only then, i found out what had happened. A plane was crashed in to a building somewhere in america, it replayed many times on the news. That was all i understood at that time, i then went to bed quietly. It was on the next day that my mom told me what really happened. Still after 7 years, i remember clearly of what was shown on tv. plane, buiding, fire.

  109. fmares says:

    i’m mexican but when that situation passed , the notices where leaving in all the canals, the situation was horible because a lot of people died, i was coming back of school when my father was seeing television, i never have seen something like that, some people were diving in the tower. incredible situtation, its was so horible, to much people died in that terrorism act.

  110. stefannembhard says:

    well i dont know anyone who was affected by 9/11 personally, but me i rember exactly were i was when it happend. i was in grade 3 at sheridan hills high school in hollywood fl, when all of a sudden my teacher ran and tuned on the t.v and we saw the trajety. as i watched i rember thinking,keep in mind i was in 3rd grade. how cool would it be to watch it acually happen. one of the saddest days in american history. rip to eveyone killed in 9/11

  111. tylersluman1 says:

    i remember the day the 9/11 attacks happened. I was sitting at home after i had just got done eating breakfast. I was waiting for my parents to take me to school and all of the sudden my mother and father came in and rushed into the living room to turn on the T.V. My father, being from New York, was extremely emotional with the whole situation. I didnt have any family members nor did I know anybody affected by the tragedy. It was also my uncle’s birthday so its a day that nobody in my family will ever forget. 9/11 will be remembered and go down in new U.S. history books as one of the most heartbreaking and devasting attacks on America. God bless all the families emotionally/physically scarred from September 11, 2001.

  112. bfarrah says:

    Well 9/11 was kind of a sudden shock to me that it had happened the way it did. At first I didn’t believe it becuase i was still in school when a friend of mine gave me the news that the Twins Towers had been hit by a plane. I was really young when this happened I believe I was only in the 6th grade but I remember this tragic day like it was just yesterday. I remember everybody in my school freaking out including students and teachers so the school gave us the option of going home becuase of this horrible incident. I wanted to go home just to miss school but I wasn’t able to though. But lucky for me I had nobody within in my faimily or friends involved in this thing but I seriously feel the pain of those who got caught in this attack. These guys need pay for what they have done to us!

  113. monifa says:

    I don’t personally know anyone who was affected by this horrendous attack. Nobody in the world deserves to die like that and it was unfair to all the citizens of America. Attacking a country at one of its strongest points is totally unacceptable and inhumain. I remember watching this on tv when i was in about the 4th grade and seeing people virtually jumping out of the window in comparison to being crushed by the floors above them. I wouldn’t like for that to have happened to me or anybody that i know. It didn’t only affect America but it probably put a tear to many eyes around the world.

    This was definetly a huge shocker for me to see that this was the kind of feeling between two countries who are just bombing eachother. In the Caribbean there is nothing like that. so 9/11 was my first experience with a so called ‘war’ in this day and age.

  114. diegordz says:

    I remember this day because that day I didn’t go to school because I was sick then my mom called me and I saw how the second plane hit de second tower, it was very shocking, I couldn’t believe it. It was something horrible because I don’t know how someone can do that. This day will never be forgotten because the attack has huge and many people die so I think it’s an important day worldwide.

  115. pepajanik says:

    It was umbelievable. When it happend I was coming home from school. And when I came home, I saw my mom, she was sitting in front of our tv. I knew something was wrong because she never sits in front of the tv. I asked her what happened. She explained me that It was horrible. I didn’t see the second plane but I was watching every news from NY. I hope and I trust that It will not repeat again anything like that.

  116. jengorman says:

    Along with every person on this page, September 11, 2001 is a day that marked my life, my families life, our country’s life, and our world’s life. It is a day that will be talked about throughout the entire future and a day that nobody who lived through it could ever forget. I remember sitting in science class in middle school and the lady who worked at the office of my school walked in and described the event telling the students if we needed to contact our parents or go home we could. This was just after the first plain had hit. I personally had no understanding of what was going on until my teacher put on the news and our class watched in complete confusion to why and how this could be happening to our country. When I went home my mom and dad explained to me what our country was going through. When I came to a full understanding about this, I felt a sense of fear that I never felt except for that one day. And the thing that I think about all the time is the completely innocent people that lost their lives, and the people who were trying to do good for the rest of the country as well. September 11, marked a scar on the entire United States of America.

  117. tylercurrence says:

    I remember watching on 9/11 as the towers fell. It was the only time I have ever seen my dad cry. I was with my parents at the time. I had just woke up and I went upstairs and I could not believe what I was watching on the TV. The rest of the day was seemed unreal as no one could believe what had happened.

  118. jesussanchez233 says:

    I remember that day, I didnt go to school, and i watched the news all day. When i frist saw the images on the news I tought they were from a movie or something but then I realzed that it was really happening. I remmeber that all of the people were confused, they didnt know what to do or the reason why they were attacked. This attack not only affected US but also all the world.

  119. Gaietta says:

    My mother cousin was in New York when the 9/11 happened. Fortunately he was far from where the cathastrophy happened. I remember his mom which is my grandmother sister was very worry and trying many times to call him but it wouldn’t work. We stayed couple of days without knowing anything about him and his wife, but after somehow she received a call from her son saying that he was fine.

  120. socalgolfer says:

    No one in my family was directly affected by this tragedy. I remember the day clearly. I was only in 4th grade at the time but the details are vivid. As I was heading out to school, there on the TV screen was one of the Towers that had been hit and was burning. After I arrived at school, I remember my teacher turning on the TV and everyone in the class witnessing the second plane crash into the Twin Towers. It was a very bewildering moment that left everyone in a state of shock. Parents were coming and taking their kids home and our country was in a terrorized state of fear. Confusion was abound and it was a very difficult time to cope with.

  121. mwmbaseball23 says:

    Fortunately, no one in my family was affected by 9/11. I remember leaving school early and being with my mom and dad. I didn’t really understand what was going on at the time, but I now understand the significance of 9/11. It was a very emotional day that I try to forget about. I think the movies about 9/11 really pay tribute to the fallen heroes of 9/11. They are the “real” heroes and the ones everyone should aspire to be like.

  122. marlinjd11 says:

    On september 11th, 2001 I was at school in Pompano, Floirda. The school is St. Coleman’s Catholic. We were in class learning and suddenly phone calls came to the teachers phone in the classroom. My friend John left first. Two minutes later another student would leave. When I arrived home at the end of the day my mother explained to my brother and I what happen. Then we called our father who was in Washington D.C.

  123. ocejop says:

    What happened that day was very shcoking for me, even though I was young I could remember how I first about it. I was in Mexico in my English class when my teacher told us about what happened, at first I didn’t realize how bad was that, but after school was over and I was home watching th news I started to noticed what a terrible things happned and how bad was it. Because I live in Mexico and so my family nothing, my family wasn’t affected, although we were very sorry because of the horrible event.

  124. ctpan63 says:

    On september 11th,2011 I was at school in Taiwan. I didn’t what was happening at that moment because we didn’t have TV in class room. It was just like a normal day for me, but in that evening, I saw the news, and I was really shcked. It caussed huge damages and many people were dead. Also I think all my freinds and family were not effected by it because they were in Taiwan.

  125. slaterhistoire says:

    When this horrible event took place I was living in Mauritius. I woke up in the morning and went to play around with my dad while he was getting ready for work, like I did every morning. When I went to grab his tie and run around the house like I normally did, I noticed that there was something wrong. I walked up to him and he picked me up and put me down on his dresser and told me that something bad had happened in New York and that a lot of people are going to be talking about it. At the time I didn’t know what he was talking about but later I realized the actual crisis that took place. At the time we didn’t have Television in my house so I could not just watch the news. I went a long time not knowing what really happened on 9/11 because I was so secluded from the rest of the world.

  126. bbplayer10514 says:

    The men and Women who died on that terrible day will never be forgotten by there loved ones. The brave men and Women who fought for the lives of the people in the towers are heros.

    I was very young when this horrible event took place but i remember sitting in the living room with my father that night and just asking him why, why would they do that or who even did it. I felt angry and scared but the only thing my dad could say was they would take care of us and everything would be ok.

    To this day the people who say is was the american government who killed all those people make me sick when i hear it, the people who say we should have never gone to iraq make me so mad because what else should we have done. Some things just aren’t worthy arguing over with people who have small simple minds!

  127. grivera5 says:

    People all over the world suffered on this day of september 11, 2009. When this happened i was 8 years old and i didint really know what was happening, but now that i am 16 years i understand all the people who suffered and the people who were indirectly affected by this catastrophic event.

  128. glodack says:

    September 11, was one of the most tragic things that I think that has happened to this country now. I was in 3rd grade I remember the night this had occurred, I was sitting with my Mom and Dad, watching this on the news. Me, being so little It didn’t really hit me as hard until school the next day. I went to school the next day and remember that the whole school was like dead silent. Even If somehow you didn’t know what happened, you were just quite because It was just automatic. When I walked into my class my teacher already had some kids sitting on the ground in a circle in front of her. I remember her saying Chris just come in and sit down. When I was sitting I knew what happened, but wasn’t fully sure. Now that I look back I can really understand, what was really going on. This had to be one of the biggest tragedies to those families, and this country. If you look how are country is now we are not doing great at all. What If we had a different president, all these questions, you can ask yourself, but nothing you say or do, can take back what has happened. The economy is down big time right now, but hopefully, we pull it back together, and be a better country than now, and before

  129. danivg says:

    Thankfully I have no relatives that were affected by this tragedy. I remember that I was in school when suddenly our teacher told us about what was happening. All the students went to the cafeteria or to the library to watch TV and find out what was really happening. Everyone was really surprised and frightened. No one ever expected something like this to happen it was a terrible incident. I remember I was scared of flying and taking an airplane.

  130. nataliebea says:

    I was in Grade 3 when the attacks of 9/11 occurred. I didn’t really understand what was happening and why it was happening but I didn’t really ask many questions. That day we finished school early because of the attacks and when I arrived back home, everyone was watching the news on the T.V. I think that it is one of the biggest acts of terrorism that has ever occurred on the planet, and I can’t help but feel the sorry for the people that lost their family and friends in the attacks. Lots of innocent people died on 9/11 and I think that this day should never be forgot

  131. joanna200 says:

    On September 11 a terrible tragic happened and it is extremely day to see how people can do this to other people for power. But all the people that died trying to help other people are admirable and will be missed.

  132. twingecko56 says:

    September 11th 2001 was a rude reminder that some will not have us advancing our society. It is those who wish to advance it that must now protect it.

  133. georginasellyn says:

    9/11 is a day that will never be forgotten. I still can’t believe it really happened. It is so sad, and I feel so much for the families and friends who suffered deeply and lost people in the attack. Those who were fortunate enough not to lose anyone can never really understand what they went through. When it happened I heard about it vaguely at school, then I went home and it was all over the news. I couldn’t believe it. I think is is shocking how some people have no value for life, theirs or others. I also think that it is a good sign of respect that every year on 9/11, everyone takes a few moments to think of the people who suffered and are still suffering from losses, and the people who sacrificed their lives to save others.

  134. tyhunt44 says:

    At the time of the awful tragedy, I was in third grade and the phone began to ring off the hook. Shortly thereafter, they made an announcement about what had happened. I didn’t fully understand what exactly happened because i was so young, but realized the severity of the event once i got home that day. Every channel on the television was covering the tragedy. The people who lost their lives in the buildings or trying to rescue others will always be remembered.

  135. dorischen03 says:

    911 was a terrible tragedy and I feel sad for the people who died or effected. I don’t know anybody who was diectly effected by that terrorism act. I was a little girl 8 years ago, so I couldn’t remenbered how I felt when I saw the World Trade Center was hit by the airplanes. The only thing I remenber is that I was sitting on the sofa, watching the news on TV. And the most vivid scene I still remenber now was that a chubby guy jumped out of the window of World Trade Center because there was fire in his room. It was scary.

  136. berngs says:

    9/11 was a really sad storie for the american people, and even more sad for the ones who lost people that they loved, like: husbands, friends, wifes.
    I remember that day in the morning waking up for school, then my mom came for me and told me watch the news the world trade center has been crashed by two plains, it was a schock for me because i was little, and i dont remember alot cause i was a little kid, but still is a really sad news.

  137. jankrouham says:

    9/11 was a terrible day, not only for the American population, but for the world. Tomorrow it is the 8th anniversary of this tragic event. It is unimaginable the thing people are willing to do for power. I feel very sorry for those families that were victims that evening.

  138. dosikseo says:

    9/11 was a terrible day. And I will never forget what happen to them. Tomorrow it is the 8th anniversary day. I hope people who has died from 9/11 can rest in peace and I fell really sorry for those families that were victims that day.

  139. florcanedo says:

    Well 9/11 was not a event that affected me that much, but I do feel bad for all the people that died or was affected by this event.

  140. dannystokes says:

    I believe 9/11 was a terrible day and was very emotional for my family. Nobody in my family died or anyone I knew but, My dad was in the one of the buildings about a week before this tragic incident. So I was very, very thankful on the day and at the same time I was sad for the families who had lost someone or knew someone who had died. It was the most indescribable emotion I have ever felt in my entire life. So personally I believe 9/11 is a day that will never be forgotten in American History.

  141. bbss23 says:

    My teacher acted strange, began to cry a little and had to excuse her self from class many times on the morning of September 11, 2001. Sitting in my 4th grade Science class preparing to take notes on the upcoming homework I was confused, and to be honest quite unconcerned with what was occurring at the very moment. Little did I know that such a time and day would haunt our country for years to come and be such a pivotal moment in history.
    One by one my classmates filed out of the classroom as many of their parents came to pick them up. As I expected, I was the last student to be picked up that afternoon, exactly when the bell rang at 2.45pm. When I got in the car I was more upset that my mother hadn’t picked me up earlier than what had just occurred in New York and D.C. Not knowing any better and not understanding what my mom was trying to convey to me, I went a long with my day/week and it wasn’t till a few years after the innocent did I fully grasp what had occurred on September 11, 2001. Today, I have a full understanding of the terror, affects and tears that went into 9/11, one of the most pivotal moments in our history. At the time, thankfully, I didn’t know anyone directly affected by the attacks. However, I soon realized that each of every one of us in one way or another was affected and will somehow be a part of 9/11.

  142. devu91 says:

    At the time of the terrifying attack I was in South Africa. I was on the way home in the car with my Mom. My Dad phoned her and told her what happened and that he was watching it on the news. When we got home we sat in front of the t.v for ages. I was young so the incident didn’t have such a large effect on me as it would have today, but I was still very overwhelmed. It must have been one of the very rare ocassions at that time in my life where I actually sat down and watched the news for more than 5 minutes. The 11th day of September 2001 was an epic day in history and will never be forgotten for the rest of time.

  143. jmelew says:

    September 11th was an awful day for everyone. Although, it didn’t effect any of my friends or family, it was still a very emotional day ! Although i was so young i remember it perfectly. I was standing in the field at my elementary school and a friend of mine walked up to me and told me what had happened. Being so young, i didn’t really understand the significance of this event. None of our teachers had said anything to us, so it really didn’t seem like a big deal. However, when i got picked up from school that day i realized how serious this was when my mom wouldnt let me talk over the radio. Overall, it is a very upsetting day to remember.It will be a day remembered forever.

  144. dk545 says:

    This was a tragic accident that occurred In 2001. I was sick from school the day it happened and my mother woke me up to tell me that terrorist have attacked the World Trade Center. I walked to the living room, and watched it on the news. Soon enough another plane crashed into the second tower! My whole family was in shock, and worried about our friends that live in New York. But thankfully everyone was ok and no one was injured. This day will affect me as well as most of the country.

  145. nsebastian93 says:

    On September 11th my school was not aloud to tell us, or chose not too. So I found out in the car ride home. I specifically remember going to my grandfather’s house to bring him dinner, and him giving a talk with our family with tears in his eyes. That and one of the Christmas day prayers when all 19 or my cousins and 7 aunt and uncles were all presiding, was the only time I have ever seen my grandfather with tears in his eyes. It was one of the worst tragedies our country has ever had to deal with.

  146. catbanks says:

    When the attack occurred i was on the playground outside enjoying my recess. I had no idea what was going on or if there was anything going on at the moment. My mom came to pick me up and at the time I was excited to leave school early, until I found out what was going on. I was so young so I still didn’t really get the intensity of what was going on, or the huge negative impact it would have on my country. Thankfully I had no one who was near the twin tours area or on the plane but my friends step dad was supposed to have a meeting in the twin towers that day but it had gotten rescheduled. It’s crazy to think how things work out like that, how one rescheduled meeting potentially saved a life. 9/11/01 was a tragic day and will forever be remembered, but all we can do at this point is prevail and try to keep our country as safe as possible for generations now, and generations to come.

  147. weeziesk8 says:

    Wow, September 11th. The day that i thought i’d never see my dad again. The day that i thought I’d lost someone i loved so much. I’ll never forget the feeling I experienced that day. I woke up late for school and ran into my moms room screaming at her for being late. Yet i stopped when i saw her bawling on the phone. Now, being in third grade at the time seeing your parents cry was a big deal. I was freaking out because she wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. She just kept crying on the phone, “Raul, get out of there. Please get out of there!” The tv was on but i was so distracted by my mom that I didn’t even glance at the t.v. My mom drove us to school crying in the car the whole way over. I was scared, and i didn’t know how to react. I ran out of the car as soon as i got to school. Crying, I ran to my teacher and sat down on her lap and refused to do anything. I didn’t know what was wrong all I knew was my dad was in trouble and something was seriously wrong. I waited all day at school for a call from my mom. Something that told me that he was going to b ok. I cried all day.. awaiting what was going to happen to me. To my dad. To my sister. To my whole family. I waited until my mom picked me up at school with a phone in her hand and dad on the other line. I was still crying as I talked to him on the phone, as I heard his voice. September 11th is a day that I’ll never forget my entire life. Its a day that God was on my side and the day I’ve never felt luckier. I still have my dad, healthy and very much alive today and I couldn’t be more thankful for him.

  148. jmgreen93 says:

    I feel as though everyone has their own September 11th story to share and every one is different in some way. I will always remember where I was and how everything went down. It was about 9:15 when the sirens from the firetrucks and ambulances started coming and fading with such a consistency from the highway down the street from my elementary school. I was in 3rd grade and my teacher, Ms. Cox, knew something was wrong but wasn’t sure of anything. About five minutes later the secretary came in and handed Ms. Cox a note. She responded with a gasp and started to tear up. She told us to put our heads down on our desk. The sirens kept whizzing by to rush to the Pentagon where the other plane hit. All of the students were moved to the gym where we were all getting picked by our parents. When my mom picked me up she told me what had happened and did not let me turn on the T.V. The day after, we did not have school. I knew that on the day before something terrible had happened but i was yet to find out. My mom told me later that day. I feel lucky that I did not know anybody who lost their life in the 9/11 attacks and pray for the people who did.

  149. carlosr11 says:

    This day, this incredible day I remember was shocking because of this terrible news and also I remember that I was at my cousins house playing wen my uncle turn on the tv to look at this unforgettable moment that we couldn’t believe.

  150. kserdy says:

    September 11th was a day that I thought would never happen. When it was going on I was too young to really understand. I was at school and the teachers were acting not like their usual self and no one knew why. I was at lunch and the staff kept coming and taking my friend to the office and I did not know why until the nurse came to me and told me I had to go with her. My mom came to pick me up. My mom tried to explain it to me and I did not know how to react and I got really upset. I went with my mom to get my brother and sister and they told me what had happen and I finally start to understand.

  151. yl610 says:

    It is acknowledged that day was such a horrible day ever. A lot of families were broken by that disaster attack. People were heart broken and the whole country was just covered by tears. We don’t want any war, we want peace!

  152. anuarmac says:

    That morning I was very confused, I was in school and we were listening to the radio. I heard the man on the radio saying there had been a plane crash in the twin towers, the first thing that came into my mind was that my uncle was flying to NY, but i didn’t know from were. When I got home I asked my mom about my uncle and she said he was all right. I felt relieved but i was still very sad about what had happened and i couldn’t imagine being in the position of does innocent families.

  153. aj76 says:

    This is a very sad day and I fell sorry for the people who lost family or friends on this day.

  154. tanapolpetch says:

    This is a disaster that everyone will remember forever. I don’t understand why people have done it. I guess, they are extremely crazy.

  155. heejeong says:

    I went to New York 2years ago, and i saw the place. I felf really bad for the family, because i know how hard losing family is. I hope this never happen again. i hope everyone died for 911 rest in haven.

  156. ericjbecks says:

    This was one of the worst days ever in history. It shows how terrible people can be. This effected me very deeply, because my dad worked in New York city when we lived in connecticut. School was cancelled and the next day we had a moment of silence. My mom and dad were very upset, I was still a bit too young to understand.

  157. allie11610 says:

    I still remember when I first saw the 911disaster I was in Taiwan and I was only 10. I always think the world is peace. From the day I saw it I was so scare. I start think that we are in a war. But as I grow up when I see the 911 again I was really upset. Even though I know none of my friend or family was involve. But I still can feel the pain of the family that died in 911. I hope that is no more disaster like this any more

  158. davidsant says:

    It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since that day, I remember being in school and my classmates were being sent home. At the time I didn’t understand until I got home and found out what had happened. Being from New Jersey I knew alot of people who were affected. One of our classmates father was involed with the fire department and she brought a peice of the lobby floor in to class one day to show us. It’s still and always will be a day we won’t forget.

  159. srock93 says:

    I was in third grade when the towers fell on September 11th. My teacher turned on the TV while we were in class and we all saw the tower with the smoke coming out of it. I was pulled out of school and then my parents explained what happened. It is unbelievable that something like that would happen here in the states. God bless everbody who were in those towers and god bless their loved ones.

  160. jhill2010 says:

    I was in the 4th grade when the towers were hit. This was a scary time because my father was flying that day to New York so I was really scared that his plane might have been hijacked. Luckily my Dad’s plane hade not taken off yet so he made it home safe that day I haven’t been so happy to see my dad in my life. September 11th will be remembered for ever by the entire world that day left everyone shocked and amazed by all the evil that can be done.

  161. dillonmoyer says:

    September 11th 2001 was a very sad day for our country. I woke up and my mom had the news on and she said I can’t believe this is happening our country. It was a surprise to the whole world. We talked about it all day in school. Nobody knew what was happening or the reason behind it. Still today there are some conspiracies about 9/11. If your interested watch 9/11 loose change on youtube to see what could actually be the reasoning behind it.

  162. aleksandarvuk says:

    I was in third grade when this tragedy happened. When I came home from school my mom was watching the news and she told me what happened. I can’t find words to describe how I feel about the people who died and their families. It is hard to imagine that someone can think or even do something that evil. I also watched some conspiracy videos about 9/11 and if they are true I would really be disapointed in people in general….

  163. aosborne01 says:

    On September 11th 2001 I was in year 5 at my school in Bermuda. I still remember where I was when I found out and I did not understand the extent of the attacks at the time. “September 11th 2001 will never be forgotten we will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief.” – George W. Bush

  164. cbizzle23 says:

    I wasn’t directly affective by this day. I do know many families that were and it was amazing the amount of pain that was caused. It is a day that I know many people will not forget for many years to come. I am extremely sorry for those that lost a relative. This day will be remembered 9/11/01.

  165. comments are now closed

  166. j4simon359 says:

    I feel that 9/11 was a bad day far people and the people that died in those building it was sad to c them people jump out the windows and it was really high and how does planes crash in to them was just wrong I believe that we should of do something about it. But we can’t it was up to the army and the government but i no lots of family members don;t for get that day and the stuffer they going though jst not right.

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