USH kickoff Sept 9-10

The Americans 1For today’s kickoff, you’ll work with your new team members.   There are three steps for the kickoff.

1.   Sign in to    Go to the “quia class web page”.    Click on “a07 Chapter 1.2 OLD book”, sign in and complete that work.

2.   Each team will be assigned one section from “The Americans” (the OLD book).    Your team will have section 1.3, 1.4, or one of the sections from Chapter 2.

Your team will work together to complete the Quia assignment for your section.   As a group, answer all the questions for your section.    Each team member will complete a copy of the assignment online.

3.   After you finish, you’ll write a 100 word blog post about the topic of your section.    What did you learn?  What did you find interesting?   Title = Sept 9-10  /  Category = “kickoff”  /  Spellcheck and proofread

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