USH End-of-Year Project

In class on May 22-23 you were assigned a section of the NEW book.   With that material, you will create three items for this project:

___ 1.  An outline of your assigned section, as a blog post, exactly as you did for the May 22-23 kickoff.
(25 points)

___ 2.   A short quiz on your section, as a separate blog post, which includes:   1 fill in the blank question, 1 true/false question, 2 multiple choice questions and 2 short answer questions.
(25 points)

___ 3.   A poster (11” x 17” or larger) of your assigned section which includes:   a 50/50 mix of photos and text.   All photos and text must be relevant to your assigned section.   The format, style and size of the poster is your choice, so be creative.
(100 points)


PROJECTS ARE DUE Wed, May 29 (odd day) and Thur, May 30 (even day)


sec per 3 per 5 per 2
17.1 Daniel / Kevan Andrew
17.2 Jessica
17.3 Demarcus Morgan
18.1 Courtney Luis Shannon
18.2 Rah-Rah Trekel Alyssa
18.3 Hudson Daylyn Juan
19.1 Lee Tom Kevin
19.2 Roy Cody John/Ryan
19.3 Angel Willie / Eddie Keosha
19.4 Kierra Joseph Steffi
19.5 Maria Ashley
20.1 Linda/Alex Montana Jessica
20.2 Ragan Clayton
20.3 Colton Elexus Toniann
20.4 Bethany
21.1 Demmy Levi
21.2 Cindy Olivia Alex
21.3 Josh C. Austin Bailey
22.1 Joe A. Andrew Tristan
22.2 Kierrah S. Lashay Vincent
22.3 Sai Craig Sarah
22.4 Mike S. Jozee Brelonn / Khalyd
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