ECON kickoff May 2-3 Queen of Versailles

Movie follow-up:  After you finish the “Queen of Versailles” movie, please answer the following questions.

1.   What is your reaction to the movie?

2.   Why do you think Jackie (the mom) continues to spend money on new things when they already have a lot of items in storage and/or things she is trying to sell?

3.   What similarities do you see between the Siegel family and your own family?

4.   Are Jackie and David Siegel an example of the “American Dream”?  Why or why not?

100+ of your own words. 

queen of versailles family picture

To see an update on the house, click here.

David Siegel was in the news before the 2012 election, see why here.

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One Response to ECON kickoff May 2-3 Queen of Versailles

  1. Hello students, I hope you had a happy new year and an enjoyable break. All kickoffs are now graded. Some of you continue to do a great job on your writing and getting all kickoffs done. Others… not so much. You can log into Focus to see your grades.
    We have one more week of classes before Final Exams begin on Monday, Jan. 14. I’ll have more information on final exams by the middle of this week. Welcome back.

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