ECON Kickoff April 10-11

go daddy super bowlFor today’s kickoff, you and your business partner will brainstorm (and write down for today’s kickoff) some marketing ideas for your small business:

For today’s kickoff, start a new blog post and copy/paste the three items below.   In bold, add some ideas that you and your partner came up with for each type of advertisement.

1.  an 8 x 11 magazine advertisement

2.  a 30-second radio commercial

3.  a 30-second television commercial

—–     ——     ——    ——      ——     ——


Every group will be required to complete item 1.    Items 2 and 3 will be optional.  

If you team completes items 1, 2 and 3 your team will earn 100% for the project (120 points).
If your team only completes item 1 and 2, you maximum possible score will be 85% (102/120)
If your team only completes item 1, your maximum possible score will be 70% (84/120)

All advertisments must be submitted on (or before) Monday, April 22 at the end of the school day.

Requirements of each item:

1.  an 8″ x 11″ advertisment (that will be displayed in the room)

2.  a written script for your radio ad AND a recording that can be played for each Econ class.  Posting it online is probably the easiest format.   A recording on a flash drive is fine too.

3.  a finished 30-second advertisment that can be shown to each Econ class.   Again, posting your commericial to YouTube or another video-sharing website is best.   Or I can copy it from a flash drive to my computer.

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