ECON kickoff March 19-20

time-and-moneyFor today’s kickoff, you’ll complete the “time management” calendar for March 3-March 9.  On the back of your sheet, calculate the total hours spent per day.   Next, calculate the total number of hours you spent on each activity for the week.

Next, you’ll calculate the percentage of time you spent at each activity.   You should’ve accounted for 77 hours during the week   For example, if you spent 15 hours on homework during the week, the calculation would be…  15 divided by 77 = .1948   (This is 19.48%).    Do that calculation for each activity on your time sheet.   You can write the percentages in right margin next to “totals”.

Next, you’ll enter your total hours for each activity in the class-wide database.  It’s on my computer at the front of the room.    Finally, when you’ve completed all steps, please create a blog post answering these questions and turn in your calendar to me.

>copy/paste these questions to a new post>

1.   On what two activities did you spend most of your time?   Explain why.

2.  How is your time spent similar to the “average” student?  (its on the whole-class database)

3.  How is your time spent different from the “average” student?

4.   What are three observations you can make about the “average” student from looking at the data?

5.  What two things does the “average” student value most?

6.  What two things does the “average” student value least?


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