ECON kickoff Feb 28-March 1

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In the Chapter 2, Econ Alive! assignment, I asked for your opinion about the graph on page 24.

” For the past 60 years, men have slightly trailed women in education. What do you think explains this?”

Here is a sample of your responses:

a.  “Women have greater attention spans.”

b.  “”….women care about how they look in others eyes more then men.   Not just in person, but on paper. Women tend to care about their G.P.A and transcript more than men do.”

c.  “Women mature faster than men, therefore they begin to understand the importance of it sooner than men do. For men, by the time they realize this they may have already given up and dropped out.  Also blue collar work is much simpler than getting an education.”

d.   “This is because the men do all the hard work.  The ladies do easy stuff like wash, cook,and clean. The men work and provide for the family.”

e.  “…women have to work harder, and have more knowledge, to get the same job as a men.  But even though women have equal rights, men might still get hired for the job if a man and a woman have the same qualifications.”

f.   “I think it might be that the role of the wife has changed greatly in the past 60 years and now women have more opportunities to get the same level of respect that men do.  This means that women can get the same, and sometimes even better, jobs than men.”

g.   “I think it is because men are pressured more to work than women.  And men might get caught up in that than graduating school.  Men also get distracted by things like games and other things that don’t matter.”


copy and paste only these questions to your blog.  Please BOLD your responses.

1.  Which statement do you agree with the most?  Why?

2.  Which statement do you disagree with most?  Why?

3.  Three of these responses were written by a male student.   Which three do you think were written by men?  Why?  (For example,  “I think e, f, g because…”)

100+ words.  Spellcheck, proofread and add a relevant photo.

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