ECON kickoff Feb 22-25

check listThere is no writing assignment for today’s kickoff.  Instead, all you need to do today is run through this checklist and make sure that all of your work is caught up.

— The last four kickoffs, starting at Feb 11-12, are complete (100+ words, photo and spellchecked).

— All Quia assignments, you should have 5 completed:

a13 – Stock research quiz
a10 – Chapter 2 Econ Alive
a08 – Chapter 2 Glencoe
a05 – Chapter 1 Econ Alive
a04 – Chapter 1 Glencoe

*reminder:  the “Inside Job” family interview is due tonight.

If all of these items are complete, enjoy the movie – Margin Call.

If any of these items are not done, get them done before you start watching the movie.

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