ECON kickoff Feb 7-8

Copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) this text and chart to a new post.

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Going to College (pg. 17 Econ Alive!)


Cost Score Benefits Score
1. Cost of tuition, books, dorm and travel to school 1. Greater lifetime earnings with a college degree
2. Earnings lost by not joining the workforce full-time after HS 2. Better job opportunities once college is completed
3. Lost opportunity for on-the-job training and developing work skills 3. More opportunities to develop thinking, writing and professional development skills.
4. Less time to pursue non-academic interests and hobbies 4. More time to pursue academic interests
5. Less opportunity to spend time with old friends from high school 5. More opportunity to make new friends from different places
6. Less time for spending with family at home 6. More opportunity to make family proud

1.  In your chart, assign each cost and benefit a score of 1 (not very important to you) to 5 (extremely important to you).

2.  Add your scores in each column.    Costs total score =     /  Benefits total score =

3.  What conclusions can you draw by comparing the results?

4.  Go to this survey on Quia –> click here.    Please transfer your cost/benefits scores to the survey.   Make sure you include your name to get credit for the kickoff.

Spellcheck and add a relevant photo to your post. 


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