ECON kickoff Jan 30-31

check listThere is no written kickoff today.  Instead, I would like to go through the following checklist of your work from the first week:

1.  Your syllabus has three usernames and passwords for Quia, WordPress and Smartstocks.

2.  Stock research handout is complete.

3.  Your smartstocks portfolio should have 8 stocks – and you have approximately $50,000 invested in each stock.     Also, have you registered for our group within smartstocks? (2013 Spring Economics Kennedy)

4.  You should have 3 completed blog posts for Jan 22-23, Jan 24-25 and Jan 28-29.   Each blog post should have 100+ words, a relevant photo and be spellchecked.

5.    Finish assignment 2 – Chapter 1 from the Glencoe book.

6.   NEW:  start the Econ Alive! Chapter 1 assignment.   Go the Econ assignments page to find the link to that assignment.

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