ECON kickoff Dec 20-21

This program aired in March 2009, shortly after President Obama’s inauguration.   The financial crisis had just occurred, the stock market was bottoming out and credit was frozen.  The Obama administration was about to spend 1 trillion dollars in stimulus spending to attempt to kickstart the economy.  This was just after the 700 billion dollar bank bailout that happened at the end of the Bush administration.

Although this documentary is now almost four years old, the problems are the same:  the federal entitlement programs (Social Security and Medicare) that drive our long term debt problems AND the reasons that politicians won’t make hard decisions to fix those problems.

— click here to watch the episode online —  

As you watch “Frontline: 10 Trillion and Counting” list 10 facts you learn about the debt, the political process and/or possible solutions to bring down the debt.

100+ words.  Spellcheck and add a relevant photo.

debt as pct of gdp

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