ECON kickoff Dec 18-19

For today’s kickoff, you’ll attempt to to balance the budget of the U.S. government.

Go to this link –


Wait for the game to finish loading, then click on “get briefed” on the bottom left.  This will walk you through the instructions.   Enter your name (or a fake name & email) on the info page.

The last thing you have to do before you start is pick three badges.  You want to pick the three that match your values.  With the choices you make during the game, you can “earn” those badges.

Your goal:  Move the “Deficit/Surplus” dial into the green.  Move the “Budget Bust” year as far from 2012 as possible (2060 would be ideal.)  Reduce the “Debt as % of GDP” to the green (or at least yellow).

For today’s kickoff – While you work on the simulation, make a list in a new blog post of the choices you made (the cards you played) in your attempt to balance the budget and earn your badges.

100+ words and include a relevant photo.

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