Kickoff Nov 6-7

The 2012 Presidential election is finally over.   Florida has still not been declared, but the Electoral College count is now Obama 303, Romney 206 (see map below).

<copy/paste the questions below>

1. Are you eligible to vote?   If so, did you vote during this election?

2. Who did you want to win?   Why?   If you had hoped Romney would win, what good things do you think Pres. Obama will do in his 2nd term?

3.  Please comment on one or more of the issues below:  In other elections last night – Democrats picked up 1 Senate seat – and they retain control.  Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives.    Gay marriage was made legal in two states – Maine and Maryland.  Marijuana was legalized in two states – Colorado and Washington.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson-D, won reelection.  Vern Buchanan-R won again in FL-13 to return to the U.S. House.  Incumbent mayor, Wayne Poston, won reelection in Bradenton.


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