a40 ECON kickoff Oct 25-26

You’ll need the Econ Alive! book for today’s kickoff.  Go to page 136.

<copy/paste the following questions to your blog>  Please put your answers in bold.


1.  What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “global warming”?

2.  Who wrote this article? In what publication did it appear? When was it written?

3.  What 3 things did Walmart do to become more energy efficient AND increase their profits?

4.  Briefly describe Kennedy’s six ideas for incentive-based solutions to global warming.

Feebates –

Cap and Trade –

Clean Incentives –

Decoupling –

Net Metering –

Performance Standards –

5.   Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the world’s ability to solve the global warming problem?  Why?


300+ words.   Add a photo, spellcheck and publish

On a related note, this week’s Frontline topic is about how an organized public relations campaign has been effective in making the American population doubt the existence of global warming.  (This video is not an assignment, just something to watch if you’re interested in the topic.)

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