ECON kickoff Sept 18-19

After watching both segments of Freakonomics, copy/paste these questions to your WordPress and share your idea (1) and opinion (2).

1.  ” Can you Bribe a 9th Grader to Succeed?”  –  If you had to design a system of incentives to improve the academic performance of 9th graders, what would you do?

2.  “It’s Not Always a Wonderful Life.” – What is your reaction to Levitt’s theory that  the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 led to a big decrease in crime in the 1990s?

200+ words.  Spellcheck & proofread before you press “publish”.  Add a relevant photo to your post. 

If you were absent, you can watch YouTube versions of each at the following links:



(These versions are much shorter than what we watched in class – but you’ll get the basic idea.)

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