Iron Jawed Angels

1.  Why do you think Emily Leighton (the Senator’s wife) was reluctant to participate in the women’s movement at first?

1a.  What do you think changed her mind?

2.  Why do you think the NAWSA (the older women) were working against, and constantly criticizing, Alice Paul’s NWP?

3.  What are you doing to change the world today?

3a.  Is there any cause you feel strongly enough about that you would volunteer your time (or money) or even publicly protest?

4.   Do you ever wish you were the opposite gender?   Why or why not?

5.  (Alice to Lucy talking about relationships)   “When you’re alone, you can make any choice you want.  But when you love someone, you lose that choice.”   What does this quote tell you about Alice Paul’s personality?


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  1. m1hadawi359 says:

    Whats my grade?
    also if you can find this out id like to know if its possible for me to get at least a B for the semester? thanks

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