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65 Responses to Glory

  1. m2brooks359 says:

    What i found interesting was that America let a full African-Amerian army battle for us and the White Soldiers had respect for them.

  2. j2sandlin359 says:

    I though how Col. Shaw took command to lead the charge at the fort was very interesting even though he knew that it was a suicide mission from the start.

  3. antonne99 says:

    I think its very interesting that colonel shaw actually took a chance with the african american soldiers even when he knew that they had no experience with fighting in a war , it just shows that colonel shaw had faith in them.

  4. m2smith359 says:

    i learned that blacks were treated horribly and what i thought was very interesting was how bad the blacks were treating and used for manual labor and at the end of the movie how they just all died! that was really surprising i thought they were going to win!

  5. t1schwarz359 says:

    I learned that Colonel Shaw lead a regimend of African Americans. He trained and tested them he used some sly moves to get them into combat and takes a mission which will kill them. This shows the brutallity of the war.

  6. The movie “Glory” was most definitely a movie I will not forget. I had known that their were black soldiers in the Union Army during the Civil War, but I did not know that their was an all black volunteer infantry. I found this discovery to be a milestone in history and living proof that we are the America we are today because of them.

  7. t1horne359 says:

    I thought that it was very interesting that a whole regiment were all African Americans and they were allowed to lead the attack on Fort Wagner!

  8. I thought it was interesting and wierd how Col Shaw took them to try to capture fort wagner even though he knew many of them would die. I think it was because he wanted to show what they could do and that they weren’t afraid.

  9. I found it interesting when Shaw gave the men a chance to leave with no penalty and no one left. In my eyes that shows a lot of courage about the African Americans and the men leading them into war.

  10. nightdream94 says:

    I was not aware of this real event in history and I loved the movie as well as the curious these men faced. :) It really gave some outlook to what happened in the civil war.

  11. I thought it was accurate in showing how soldiers of different races treated each other during this time. Also, I liked the battle scenes and how it showed how real the war was.

  12. Although I didn’t see the whole movie i thought it was interesting,i was completely shocked when Shaw died in battle but then again it kind of gave it away that he was going to, I also liked how the troops changed into caring hardworking soldiers at the end and many of them died with honor.

  13. g1pinter359 says:

    i learned the extent of racial differences and injustices against african americans at that time i couldent belive that soilders under the same color flag could descriminate their own like that, also why would they die?
    come on kennedy

  14. s1ryan359 says:

    I LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!! it was amazing AND emotional

  15. k1lee359 says:

    if they weren’t going to let them fight why did they make 54 in the first place?

  16. I thought the movie was good but i didnt understand why they all just ran right towards the peole who were shoooting at them. And i was really suprised that they all basically died and didnt win.

  17. I thought the movie was pretty good and this movie proves that if you have Morgan Freeman in a movie, its going to be a hit.

  18. a3davis359 says:

    I think glory was a really good movie. Usually movies have a happy ending,but it really shows you what real life war is like and the struggles our soldiers go through.If i had the choice to watch the movie again i would.

  19. Glory was a great movie! It showed you what the soldiers had to go through to not only win the battles, but what life was like for them. I would definitely watch Glory again!

  20. I think Glory was a good movie. At the beginning the White Americans didn’t understand why the African Americans were trying to become soldiers when they don’t know anything. But they eventually respected the African Americans because they were part of there team.

  21. b4wheeler358 says:

    I thought the movie was really good, but also sad at times. I liked the part when the Colonel was reading about what would happen to them if they fought in the army, or any one else who helped. The colonel said if anyone would like to leave there welcome too, and no hard feelings would be intended. No one left, not one single person. I didn’t see the rest of the movie, because i was absent, but so far that was my fave part.

  22. I thought the movie was very interesting. African Americans were treated with disrespect after all of the name calling they eventually respected them like mens.

  23. I thought that this movie was very interesting and illustrated the racism that occurred for the regime. I thought that the Col. stepped up and made the regime a cohesive unit.

  24. b2pollard359 says:

    I thought about how the civil war brought the nation together as one. And how much the added soldiers to the union helped them win the war.

  25. j2sons359 says:

    What suprised me was col. shaw in the beginning then his everygrowing brotherhood with the african american soldiers as the movie progressed. At the beginning he was unsure about it but in the end he fought and died along side his soldiers.

  26. Greatly enjoyed the movie. Found it very interesting how men who were willing to give their lives were not allowed to fight.

  27. j4daniels359 says:

    great movie compelling story surprised me that colonel Shaw died thought he would live

  28. m4maggio359 says:

    What I liked about the movie was that Col Shaw offered to send his men and him self into battle when they didnt have alot of experience in fighting in the war

  29. Creamy Chris says:

    I liked the movie, it had so many suprises in it . 54th all day !

  30. e4ero359 says:

    What I really enjoyed about the movie is the ending. Because I was right on my prediction. My prediction was that Shaw dies and some of the men died.

  31. r4waters359 says:

    i think that this was a good movie… it was very indepth and interesting to see how my own kin was treated and how everything turned out to be…. i wish that i could see the first part of the movie so that i could have gotten the main idea from the beggining.

  32. I thought this story was well told and I liked the idea that the African Americans got the chance to show that they could fight as well as white men in war.

  33. s4white359 says:

    I thought this movie was very good. It proved that if we try to do something together it can be done.

  34. k4stagg359 says:

    I enjoyed the movie. It wade me understand more of what happened now that i got to see it. I t was sad all the people had to die but they did it for what they think was right.

  35. n4wilson359 says:

    I actually really liked this movie. It was interesting to see how the black soldiers fit in with the others. I liked watching Col Shaw change through out the movie, how at first he wasn’t really interested in becoming a colonel and at the end of the movie he was standing up for his group and got shot. Also it was cool to see how Thomas at first was quiet and at the end he was another person. kudos Mr. Kennedy, you picked a good one!

  36. k4aritt359 says:

    I learned that the black soldiers were never suppose to fight and if it wasnt for their commanding officer they would hvae never fought. It was really interesting tha the stood up for his troops and he basically killed himself when they went into the last battle.

  37. I was found it interesting that Colonel Shaw was willing to invade Fort Wagner, knowing that he will probably fail.

  38. I thought it was a very interesting movie. Seeing the life of a black soldier and a white commander back in the Civil War days was very interesting.

  39. m2thomas359 says:

    I think that the movie was very interesting, seeing black soliders and a white commander back in the civil war days was amazing.. I also think that the part in the movie where one of the white commanders were being mean to the African Americans was wrong.. whatever he had against them he could have handled it in a different way!

  40. g3mallick358 says:

    I loved the movie and the part I thought very interesting was how col shaw took a chance at fort wagner. The reason why is, he knew that they would end up not making it but did it anyway. Also how col shaw got all the african americans shoes, even though he could have gotten introuble he did it anyway.

  41. kay-luh says:

    I really liked this movie specially movies with my favorite male actor denzel washington. i learned that no matter what you are in life the love you have for people can change how you really feel about them even when you’re in a front. my question is who all lived from the 54th?

  42. d1watkins359 says:

    This was a great movie. I was impressed when Col. Shaw volunteered the 54th to fight at Fort Wagner knowing they were most likely going to all die.

  43. k3king359 says:

    This movie was really interesting. It was interesting to learn about the 54th and the things they had to overcome. It was also shocking when they went 1st on the attack at Fort Wagner showing their true heart.

  44. e3simo359 says:

    This movie was really good. It show how Col Shaw saw how the black people was suffering and he helped them. He Saw they haved the character and the heart to go to battle, Col Shaw knowed it was gonna be a disaster but they fought for pride and Glory.

  45. b3carnes359 says:

    From watching the movie, what I had learned and seen was how war was fought and the way they settled their problems. The most things I seen in the movie was the way they treated the blacks and the 54th . But they sacrificed a lot and they died doing it so,thats all I can say.

  46. It was a amazing movie meant a lot to me to really see even how bad the army was for the blacks and I think that was awful how they got treated but they still fought for their country great movie I would tell others to watch it.

  47. i thought this movie was an interesting show, it showed me how curageous and brave african americans were when it came to becoming free. this movie was also an eye opener to see how even the men that were fighting for black people were even saying racist commenet but it was a good movie.

  48. c3hoskins359 says:

    I really liked the movie! How col. Shaw took command no matter what anybody else told him. I saw that it must have been hard to be a black in an army since nobody back then thought they could fight. It sucks that all most everybody from the 54TH died in the attack on Fort Wagner.

  49. l3brauner359 says:

    The interesting part of the movie to me was the last battle because it didn’t turn out how i imagined it would. Also it was a nice reality check for us to realize how lucky we are to live in an equal rights generation.

  50. k3davis359 says:

    This movie was very amazing and touched my heart in a way. I felt that the black men showed a lot of courage and man hood in this movie. Also, Col Shaw was changed and touched at the heart i think by the men. He wanted everyone to stop putting down the Africans Americans and give them a chance and he fought for his men power. I just want to know is, did Col Shaw want to die and that’s why he kept trying to walk up alone.

  51. z2thomas359 says:

    I found this film interesting, it kind of set in my head a sense of empathy for those living 150 years ago. I learned how hard African Americans truly had to work to make it in a land that was completely prejudice and against free slaves.

  52. a1tomes359 says:

    Twas a really good movie, i enjoyed it. I learned about Col. Shaw and the 54th volunteer. Also about how he got blacks allowed to fight in the war.

  53. a2vanhook358 says:

    What i found interesting was that America let a full African-Amerian army battle for United States and the White Soldiers had respect for them wen they were on there way to their last battle.

  54. I found it interesting that at first most of all the white soldiers had no respect for the black soldiers when they were training and started going into battle but at the end the black soldiers where the ones that came out and took the chance to fight the first major battle in front of the white men, and they were all cheering for the black soldiers because i believe that the white soldiers felt that they didnt want to go out there onto the battle field.

  55. I found it interesting that at first most of all the white soldiers had no respect for the black soldiers when they were training and started going into battle but at the end the black soldiers where the ones that came out and took the chance to fight the first major battle in front of the white men, and they were all cheering for the black soldiers because i believe that the white soldiers felt that they didnt want to go out there onto the battle field to fight.

  56. a2rissman359 says:

    I thought that “glory” was a very good movie, it showed the difficulties of the civil war and especially the struggle that african americans faced because of their race. It was interesting to see how Cournal Shaw changed and what the military was like at the time. This class is also helping me in AP lang and composition, we are working on literature during the civil war.

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  57. z2morris359 says:

    I thought the film what very interesting and enjoyed it very part i liked the most was when the Natives had gotten their shoes i learned a lot from this film i didn’t know how wrong they were treated.

  58. a4ellis359 says:

    I thought that this movie was really good. It completely changed my opinion on war, and how slaves were treated. It also helped me understand how tough it was to be an African American in the 1860’s.

  59. e3conlon359 says:

    I learned how bad racism was and how mean and cruel they were to you. they didn’t care about the African Americans at all. the slaves were treated horrible. they didn’t have shoes or uniforms for a while.

  60. d1lee35 says:

    It was a real good movie, and showed what really went on at that time. I was surprised at how detailed it was.

  61. this movie showed the struggles that colored men had and how involved they were in the war.

  62. l3beltran359 says:

    Why did col. shaw go into battle if he knew he would loose?

  63. Karly (: says:

    I enjoyed what I saw of the movie. It helped me to see what the slaves went through in the 1860’s and their war life. I just wish I could have saw the whole thing(:

  64. a2scott359 says:

    I thought the movie was a very accurate portrayal of the 54th regiment and their struggle and strife to gain freedom and respect

  65. r4corns359 says:

    I liked this movie a lot I thought it was interesting that the African Americans got to fight and how their leader col shaw died with them in battle

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