The Wire, Ep 13 “Final Grades”

04.13 “Final Grades” As the bodies from the vacants pile up, Burrell offers his support to Daniels, while admonishing Rawls for crossing him.  Namond, Randy and Dukie adjust to new realities.  Marlo gives Michael new responsibilities on an old corner.  Omar makes Proposition Joe a new offer. Colvin and Parenti take their proposal to City Hall.  McNulty looks to pay back a debt.

Synopsis is here.

Omar and Renaldo

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38 Responses to The Wire, Ep 13 “Final Grades”

  1. mfabry says:

    This last episode was truly shocking, I have sadly missed the last couple of episodes so when I saw what had happened to Michael I was repulsed and saddened that he had to turn to the corner. Also, once again, they showed their hate for the police by shooting Bodie after seeing him entering a car with a white cop. This is heart-wrenching because the police are the people who are suppose to look out for our well being, we trust them with our lives. Proposition Joe is now making deals with Omar, he gave him his clock back.

  2. tylercurrence says:

    Michael is now working, doing shootings for Omar. This really grasps the viewers attention because Michael was once an innocent kid like all the others. Also, Randy is in a foster home with kids who all know he is a snitch. Life ahead still look rough for him. Mr. Prezbo didn’t really do anything of signficance. He was just in a couple of scenes administering tests.

  3. juliangarcia21 says:

    The last episode is very emotional. Namonds father decides to give him up so that he can have a better chance at life and being something great other than a corner boy. Michael has changed so much now on a killing spree. He has turned harder than expected. Randy is put in a group hme and it is sad to my character Detective carver is upset with himself because he couldnt help him out better. There are more and more bodies and things are out of control i think. Bodie is dead now too for rying to be innocent . I hope season fiv shows all the outcomes to what happend in the last episode.

  4. caseymulholland37 says:

    Michel surprises me in this episode. I did not exspect him to do turn this way. I do see him changing though. I believe he will walk away from the street life and or he will continue and take marlos spot. I cant wait to see what happens.

    • bmriakey93 says:

      Casey makes a valid point about Michael. It seemed like he was headed on the right track, especially with the help of Mr. Prez, however, the return of Bug’s father caused him to take a turn for the worst.

  5. trubino says:

    It seems that Michael is becoming Omar’s wing man. His role as a gangster is rising and is becoming a big dog. This show proves that no matter how innocent and good you are, you can still change, just like Michael becoming a gangster. Proposition Joe is giving into Omar because Omar is more powerful.

  6. pabloserna says:

    Randy’s house was burned, this is very sad because he will not have a home for a while.

    It is devastating to see Michael learning how to kill people, he is turning into a killer and he thinks it is very cool but it is actually awful. The other part that I think was very scaring was when Michael’s boxing trainer got shot in front of him, I cannot believe he let that happend.

  7. sallywatson says:

    I feel so bad for the homeless guy. He really tried to help that kid and he ended up killing him by accident. I also am not sure about the police letting him go back out into the streets. The man just tried to commit suicide and now they are letting him loose. I hope he doesn’t try again but it is not like there are not enough ways to try out there in the streets-just piss one of Marlo’s people off and you are guaranteed to be shot.

  8. xeniya says:

    Although we didn’t see the whole episode, I found some interesting things in those 30 minutes we saw. First of all, I think it’s truly shocking how much crime is involved with the drugs, not only people kill each other for it, but they also steal it from each other. Another scene that shocked me was the scene with the homeless guy accidentally killing the kid. It was sad, because in my opinion homeless guy has a very good heart.

  9. rachelwilliams says:

    I thought the homeless guy had a good heart when he turned himself in for killing the kid. I was also shocked when he tried to kill himself by the time the detectives got back. Luckily he was still alive. I think the detective was making a good decision when he wanted to let the homeless guy go. This is because there are bigger crimes in the area.

  10. toryhenderson says:

    The final episode was really good even though we didn’t get to see the entire episode. It was shocking to me that all the drug dealers were willing to immediately back out of their co-op after the drugs were stolen. It seemed as if there whole pact with one another was just talk and they were only looking out for themselves. It was good to see that the police finally figured out that marlo was kiling and hiding people in vacants, but I still think that the police won’t catch up to him.

    Chris wasn’t really involved in this episode from the thirty minutes that I saw.

  11. laurengolino says:

    I was kind of upset today that we did not get to see the whole episode because it was at a very interesting point when we left off. The last episode is turning out to be very good in my opinion. I was shocked because of the amounts of dead bodies there have been thus far, and also by the scene where they showed an eviction notice. It is really a way of showing just how bad everything is there.

  12. michaelx says:

    I saw Michael becoming more and more hard as the episodes went along. He is not doing the killing’s for Marlo and I was not shocked by this. I think its sad that Randy has to be in foster home and especially now because they know he is a snitch and they are beating on him now.

  13. jeonkorea says:

    this epesode suprised me alot. Everything there was shocking to me and all of suprising things. I learned those area is one of the dangerous place in America.

  14. sarahofmann says:

    In this episode I found some things shocking, the first thing I thought was very scary, is when the little boy died, because he took the fake heroin. And Bubbles who made the fake heroin just to kill someone else, he instead killed the boy that he took care of. When he was at the police station and because he stoped using heroin he first threw up, and then the police was gone, he tried to hang himself in there with his belt. I thought that was so shocking, I could not believe it. I thought it was disgusting. And the other thing was I thought that the thing that happened to Duckie was so sad, that he did not know where the family he lived with went, and did not know where to stay, but his friend offered him to stay with him, I thought that was really nice.

  15. filippopoma says:

    the last episode was awesome because it had a little bit of everything! it shows us how people judge like when Denis is shot in the hospital they still think he is a “gangster” and shows us how everything just goes around specially with snitches and stuff like that kinda like teenagers everyone finds out everything, it is kinda sad to see the young one start going into the drug and who is going to do good and who is going to do better in life.

  16. jnguonly says:

    I think seeing Bodie get shot just for hanging around a police makes me feel like trying to stop this dealers is pointless. It also shows how bad these dealers really are. I also was glad to see Namond’s father listen to Bunny and let Namond get away from the corners. You have to keep him away from things that could potentially lead him to jail. It was very sad to see that Dukie, after the care Mr. P gave him, still ended up on the corners.

  17. janajohnson says:

    I was really sad to see Michael turn to the dark side. I think all of these boys have potential to be more than just corner boys and Omar’s sidekick. It was shocking and scary when Bubbles (who is shocking and scary in the first place) accidentally killed the boy with cocaine. I’m so happy for Namond I think he is in good hands now and has a chance. He has always been my favorite character in the show because of his street smarts and caring personality under that rough exterior.

  18. julialistennis says:

    I cant believe how micheal is changing. Its really sad to see him do the things he does. Hes a better kid than that and i hope he will get his act together again. I really use to think Michael was one of the better of the other kids but he seems to have proven me wrong. I agree with Jana’s post and what she had to say about bubbles. It was a big surprise and it was very sad to see what happend to his friend. I think bubbles really feels alot of guilt about what had happend. I hope he finds help or etleast someone to confide in because he seems like a good guy just trying to change.

  19. dosikseo says:

    Michael has changed a lot. In my opinion Michael is idiot and I can’t believe he is doing a lot of bad things. I use to tough Michael was great kid, but now he’s just loser and he disappointed a lot of people. On the other hands, it was really sad when bubbles though it was all his fault. I think if he find some people to talk with and change his mentality he will do fine because i think bubbles is really good guy with sweet personality.

  20. bbss23 says:

    I agree with Rachel Williams post as she feels deeply sorry for the Bubbles. He was trying to get back at the man who had been hurting him and instead killed his closest friend and companion. Bubbles has put I believe enough blame on himself to last him a lifetime that it will not matter what the authorities action is. I predict that with a little work with the police Bubbles will be let off and put back out in the streets, only to later kill himself.

    I knew Mr. Colvin would eventually take over Namond as being his parent figure and I believe WeeBee will go through it. Although WeeBee loves his son very much and wants him to follow in the life he did, he is beginning to understand that this isn’t the life for Namond and he is no longer in control of his son’s life. Colvin I believe will take custody of Namond and it will do him nothing but good in the future. The hardest thing for WeeBee will be to see his son lead a different life and not the one he pathed for him.

    I like the new Michael and believe he will soon take over the drug industry in Baltimore as Marlo and Barksdale once did. He has the swag, fight and knowledge to do some damage on the streets. Look for Michael to continue to man up and become known and feared among the neighborhood.

  21. caroldipaula says:

    It was very shocking when Bubbles hang his self to try to comit a suicide in tha jail.
    The scene in the hospital when the nurse tell Dennis that they’re all gangsters qithout knowing what really happened with him, and why he was at the hospital, most of the time those type of people are judged with no reason just because the way they look or sometimes act.

  22. alsonkeeler says:

    I never thought to see Michael changing from a good guy to a bad guy. Also, Dukie trying to deal with Mike. Also, Lester and the beat cops of Baltimore going to empty houses looking for dead bodies. I agree with sallywatson the homeless guy was trying this kid with a lot of love and he accidentally killed him.

  23. aosborne01 says:

    I was shocked when bubbles tried to hang him. I fell badly for him because he was really trying to turn serrods life around and to get him off the corner. it’s not good to see Michael go out on the corner but he needed to do what he needed to do, he is still taking care of his little brother so that is a good thing and getting him away from his mom was probably good as well because she was a crack head. Michael started off as a good kid but when they getting hard times they turn to the corner and they can never get out of that life style and it’s a never ending cycle.

  24. It was very shocking when Bubbles hang his self to try to commit a suicide in tha jail. I never thought of this, it was very strange to try to commit suicide in Jail.

    The scene in the hospital when the nurse tells Dennis that they’re all gangsters without knowing what really happened with him, and why he was at the hospital. People love to judge without knowing the person or what happend. Everyone makes mistakes but sometimes we are judge even though we might change.

  25. jhill2010 says:

    i agree with julian i really cant believe how michael is changing so much. it is sad to see how he has changed from not wanting marlos money to working for him. i kind of saw him falling into marlos trap but i thought that he would say no to killing people. i wish i could watch season 5 to see how he turns out.

    i cant believe how randy is getting thrown under the bus yet again. randy has been through so much and i know that carver is trying to help but yet again randy has been put into a situation where he is seen as a snitch. it must be hard to be him i feel sorry forr him.

  26. socalgolfer says:

    I felt this was a very radical episode in terms of tying up any loose ends and foreshadowing into the future. I could feel Bubble’s guilt just teeming from his skin and emotions. He was at a point of giving up. I was hit in the moment when he threw up and then hung himself to attempt suicide within the police office.

    I agree with caseymulholland’s comment. Michael has completely revamped his image and outlook on how he lives. He has a lot of confidence and now takes people out with guns like it is nothing. He is turning into a cold blooded killer and I feel eventually he will play a major role in the drug world throughout season five.

  27. dillonmoyer says:

    This was a crazy ending of season 4. Everyone has changed a lot from the beginning of the season. Even Dukie is shown at the end of the season on the corner. I feel bad for Randy because he just has really bad luck. I agree with Sarah that it is a sad situation for Dukie because he didnt know where his family went after they got evicted. If kids like him only had a little guidance they would be so much better off.

  28. gonzaloasis says:

    It’s sad to see how much effort is needed to get a kid off the corner (like Namond’s case and when Cuddy tried to do something similar with Michael and got shot). On the other side, most of the kids are attracted like magnets to the streets, to a world of drugs, violence, lack of respect.. a jungle. At the end of the episode, Carver appears telling some little kids off, who will most likely be the next generation of drug dealers, the same way Michel, Namond and all of those started the season throwing water balloons to other boys and finish it in the corners and killing people.

    I agree with sallywatson’s concern on letting Bubbles go back to the streets. He killed the only person he loved and will have a hard time living with that weight. I feel really bad for him.

  29. georginasellyn says:

    I feel bad for Randy who now has to move into a group home and he is still being called a ‘snitch’. So no one likes him and on his first night he get beaten up by his roommates. Detective Caver has a lot of guilt over this.

    I agree with janajohnson that is is a real shame that Michael has become one of Marlo’s gang and is killing people. He is so young and already is set with his future.

  30. joanna200 says:

    I am honestly very mad and disappointed on Michael because he used to be a great kid that used to take care of his brother, not to mention that he was really inocent and tried in school. Now when i saw him kill a person just made me really mad and I am really disappointed on this boy.

  31. barbors says:

    Im soo sorry for Randy, he is such a good kid with good heart , im sad it had to end up like that with him in a foster home because its seems to be no better than actually on the streets. Im also sad and dispointed in Michael , he was a good kid from the begining always taking care of his brother but now he kills people for no reason and he seems to not feel anything afterwards just went the rode after Marlo which i think will fall in a little bit anyway. im also sad for Bubbles because he shows us his sensitive side and he is very hurt by his nephew death and he cries all the time.
    I agree with michaelex randy needs to stay away from the corner either foster home or other familly or get out of Baltimore because he is known as a snitch now and he is always in danger because of Marlo.

  32. lazygirjl says:

    A lot happened in this episode. Michael continues to work for Omar and shows that he is becoming another failure. It’s sad because he used to show his good sides, especially when he took care of his little brother. Chris and Snoop were arrested because the cops suspect them of murdering people and hiding the corpses into the vacant houses. This was a little surprising because I assumed that they were going to get away with everything.

    I agree with Rachel Williams, I always thought that Bubbles was a nice guy because he took care of the kid and gave him a place to live but the fact that he does drugs ruins his life. He is responsible in the death of that child and he feels really bad about it but it was shocking that he tried to kill himself.

  33. allie11610 says:

    This final episode is really interesting. We can see all the conflict that each character face. Bubble accidently kill syra. And he become really regret, he even try to suicide. The other thing is all the body that found. And everything starts to turning to Marlo. And this episode also has a lot of people got kill. I was really shock when I saw it. Because I thought Marlo will stop killing. The last surprised part is all the kids changing. Randy end up to be in group home and all the children start to bully him, dukkie stat to become member of the street. Michael is one that changes the most, he become like the second Christ. Namaond is only one that saves fro the street by the special class. I really enjoy watching the video.
    I agree to michaelx’s point. Michael is become tougher and tougher. Now he is almost truing to become next marlo. And I feel so bad of randy. He just follows the order from police. But his life got ruined by the police miss work.

  34. nici says:

    This is the final eppisode in our class and in eppisodes of “the Wire”, and I have to tell that this movie tought us a lot of things what is going on the streets of Baltimore. Although this is eppisode is completley opposite from the first one, each character in this move has changet in a opposite way! As we can see everyone is going to be in anger in season 5 because of what they did, or has been done to them…
    I am commenting on caseymulholland37, on April 24, 2009 at 1:27 pm, I have to say that I am tottaly agree with this student! Michel has changed dramaticly!! All his previous life is gone now he is “son” of Marlo. Hopefully he is going to take Marlos place and turn to be a good King Ping, to do the talking first and not killing everybody on a streets.

  35. sambo9 says:

    i thought it was interesting how much michael had changed. like juliangarcia21 said, Michael has gone on a killing spree. Also I thought it was crazy how Bodie was killed just by being seen with a cop.

  36. nataliebea says:

    Michel surprises me in this episode. I did not exspect him to do turn this way. – caseymulholland37.

    I agree with the comment made by Casey. Michael did surprise me, he has turned into a cold-blooded killer which is scary. At the beginning of the season I thought that he was the most mature and had the best possibilty of doing well for himself. Instead he has become like a Marlo, which is not a good thing.

    I feel really bad for Bubbles. He accidentaly killed the boy he was living with and has basically had a mental breakdown. He is so guilty about what he did that he wanted to kill himself. I think that he is a good guy and is difficult to see him puish himself so much. I think that he really did want the best for that kid and I believe that he didn’t want to harm him at all. I hope that Bubbles can get clean of drugs and forgive himself.

  37. tjserrao says:

    This last episode was the craziest one because we see what happened to everyone;from the mayor, to Michael and his drug and gun problem. What shocked me the most was how michael shot that guy on the head which completed his change and now is involved with Marlo getting stuff done for him when he should be in school studying to be successful. I also enjoyed how Namond’s father let go on Namon so he could have a better home and a better family. I hope in season five all the gangs get busted and that all the good people can be successful and can have better lives without drugs and murders

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